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Welcome to the Old Port Play by Post Game

Zach Caldwell

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Welcome to the newest feature of the Castle Roland Community. Some of our members are playing a game, in this case, much like D&D table top game but via a forum. 


There are currently five forums for the Old Port PbP game. Of the five, only one are members allowed to comment on the game. That is this forum you are in right now. Public Old Port Chat.


Do not post in any of the other four rooms:

PbP Old Port -- This is the main game room, where the game and story develop over time.


Old Port Rules -- This is where the rules of the game are posted so that the players know what is expected from them and how the game will work.


Old Port Game Participants -- This is a closed forum, only game participants can access and or post here.


Old Port Resources -- This is where the Game Master (GM) will post information about the game world as well as maps for the players to use on their journey and for readers to know more of the game world.


Now that you know what the rooms are used for. Please remember to only post your comments on the game to the Public Old Port Chat. Posts made to any of the other topics will be moved to this topic.


Thank you for your time and enjoy the game/story as it unfolds.

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