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Old Port PbP game


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@Zerg... lol someone plays starcraft :P


you can sign up here follow Kyle's instructions up top, pm him the full character and then in this link:



you can post a brief summary of your char. take a look at what the others have published, as what is in there others will know from the start, so what you do not want them/us to know you should keep off so that we learn as the game progresses.


Also it may be a good idea to read the above link from page one as it has some info and established rules etc.


I hope to see you in the game :D


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OK, I wanted to do an elf ranger but it looks like there are several elves already. Hmmm, maybe I'll draw up a half orc for some fun interactions...?

There's nothing wrong with having lots of elves around.  Just make sure you know what you're getting in for if you do a half-monster character.

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