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Racism against Non-African Americans?

ken barber

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The claim of "RACISM" and other racially charged rantings are very popular to gain attention and an audience for one's personal agenda and it is particularly successful when the national government grabs the the "ball" and runs with it. It makes great reading in the newspapers and grief stricken women bawling their eyes out over some alleged wrong in wonderful advertizing! When the facts do not fit the agenda, the national government rushes in to "correct" yet another wrong in order to pacify the surging crowd. We no longer work to discover the "facts" of a situation, we strive to generate new facts to fit the needs of the crowds.


The sad result of this is the loss of trust in our national government, the disgust of honest law enforcement personnel causing them to quit their jobs protecting the rest of us and the isolation of divergent groups among our population. When a group has a history of violence to get their way, everyone else begins to fear them and they make sure NOT to be friendly with members of that group. This is what is driving the polarization of our population. This polarization has accelerated in the last several years and we are about to the point of having a complete breach. When that finally happens, it will be the beginning of the end of "THESE UNITED STATES"!


Am I a doomsayer, perhaps, but watching the television last night and the last several nights, I saw such hate and violence based on an ASSUMPTION of wrong doing and a complete disregard for the legal procedures that have served this country since we began as a nation. All our history, all our traditions and all of our methods of governance are being tossed aside and piled before the altar of RACISM. We are, in fact, being governed by rioting hate mongers whose sole purpose is to destroy, burn and pillage.


Charles Bird


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I have an interesting question in all of this- if we are such a racist country how come so many Africans, South Americans, Central Americans, Indians, Chinese, Russians, (the list goes on and on) are trying to get here???


Because it's better to be an illegal immigrant in the US than a second-class (third, fourth, fifth class...) citizen in any of the hell holes you mentioned.

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