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New England Patriots Vs Indianapolis Colts Sunday November 16, 2014

ken barber

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Final Score:

New England Patriots post-65-0-50537000-1416259381_thumb.png 42

Indianapolis Colts post-65-0-82018200-1416259471_thumb.png 20

In Indianapolis Patriot Jonas Gray rushed for 199 yards and a franchise-record four touchdowns in his fourth career game, leading the New England Patriots to a 42-20 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night.

Tom Brady threw two TD passes as the AFC-best Patriots (8-2) earned their sixth consecutive victory. New England also has won five in a row against Indianapolis (6-4).

Brady finished 19 of 30 for 257 yards with two interceptions.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was 23 of 39 for 303 yards with two scores. He extended his franchise record of consecutive 300-yard games to eight and moved within one of Drew Brees' NFL record.

But the unheralded Gray was the surprise star. His first two scoring runs gave New England a 14-10 halftime lead. His other two helped put the game away in the second half. Brady sealed it with a late TD pass to Rob Gronkowski.




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Well, I kind of have three that I follow. I have watched the Dallas Cowboys since I was a boy.  Now I also watch the Tennessee Titans since I live in Tennessee and the Denver Broncos because of Peyton Manning who went to the University of Tennessee.


I think a sports forum would be great! I also watch basketball, baseball and NASCAR. Others might be interested in other sports as well.

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You had me until Peyton Manning, I am a Tom Brady m.an through and through


I would expect no less from a Patriots fan. Brady is a good quarterback and I am glad he has shut up the detracters from early in the season but I am an alumnus of the University of Tennessee and will always follow Peyton wherever he goes.


My sister-in-law is a huge Brady fan (even had a Fathead of him) and my 16 year old is a huge Peyton fan (bedroom done in Broncos); they go at each other every year. Fun to watch. LOL

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I must object... heHeHE...


The NFL... Blahhhhhh...
A bunch of
over paid jocks trying to recapture their Long lost glory from high school and College....
Well the NFL it self is a entertainment conglomerate who's sol purpose is to make money...
"As a whole, the NFL’s revenue is estimated to be about $9.5 billion per year. The overall market value of the 32 teams that make up the league is estimated to be $46 billion."
Now College football that is another thing... because it is a real sport... [NFL is a business] and the QB that is the best at it [iMHO] is Marcus Mariota of the University of Oregon [Check his Stats Here] ... He is even
One of the three things talked about at a Middle school level school...

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Football can be equated to gladiators, armies, and chess all in one. The sport is steeped in strategy and maneuvers. Its not barbaric its beautiful and graceful it embodies the essence of the constant struggle of man kind


Like I said, give'm the ball and they won't hurt ya.

ALL contact sports are stupid. But if ya gotta have one make it soccer or Aussie football. At least you can see some cute guys. Everyone loves cheescake.

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Ya but with all that gear on you could never tell. Aussie football is like hot guys playing football in soccer gear, check it out. Now THERE'S a man's game! You can even tell they're MEN!


Very true. ESPN carried Aussie football in its early days. Loved to watch it.

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Ken, it all doesn't matter since the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl again, grin.... I lived in Florida when the Dolphins went undefeated and won the Super Bowl. The whole state went wild. Not too much a football fan though and since my partner is not one, don't watch it at all now. But it was fun being in Seattle when they finally won big. It is great for the fans and area.

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