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Readers Choice Forum Rules (Read First)

ken barber

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Readers here is a place for your to tell other readers what you love about a story or author hosted on Castle Roland and recommend reading it. There are a couple rules first.


1. This is not a discussion of the stories.

A. If a discussion starts please move it to the Author's forum.

B.  Replies are okay but keep them simple IE. wow haven't checked that one out yet adding it to me reading list now.


2. Authors please do not recommend your own stories here.


3. Each recommendation should be its own topic.


4. Here is the format we would like to see.

Topic Title: Ken Barber Recommends "Sands of Time" By Roland

Main body: Sands of time by Roland. (You can insert a direct link here of you wish)

I found the story to be thrilling and terrifying at the same time. Be ready for a a roller coaster ride. The Story is in the fantasy genre and manages to keep your attention and hold if for the whole run.

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