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Step Closer to the Food Replicator of Star Trek

Zach Caldwell

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Try having 4 children who can't agree on what to have. They can each print out their own meal. Yay! Less work for me.

You'd still have to cook it, alas.


This is a very early -- even premature -- step towards automated food preperation, but it's tech like this that puts me firmly in the 'tech-geek' category.  Not because it's just fuckin'-a cool -- which it is -- but because the march of technology means that man-kind is less and less beholden to the useless manual labor of yesterday, and free to focus on whatever we choose to do instead.  Some may find the lost of yester-year's family farms a dreary fact, but I rejoice in it.  Those people are now free of the hellish, hardscrabble existence that subsistence farmers have been tied to for generations, and now are free to focus their energies and attentions where their hearts take them.  And for those whose hearts take them right back there, well, those are probably the folk that still choose to own their own farms, and more power to them.  Even if they are complete nutters.

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I would be one of those nutters if I could. Some of my best childhood memories are of working with my grandfather on his farm. I do grow a garden each year. Of course I am also a tech geek as well. I also enjoy cooking when a menu is finally agreed upon.


Yes, Ken, I have 4 children from 19 to 11 years of age.

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