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BarbWire Runs Column By 'Theonomist' Who Backs Execution Of Gays

Zach Caldwell

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The article below shows that there are always exceptions when it comes to religion. Any religion, has both good and bad elements within it. Which should caution us to not lump an entire group with a radical few. It seems to me that Christianity, under the right conditions, could just as easily become as radical as the radical elements in Islam.



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The whacko few thrive on public outrage and, despite their rants and screams, they have little power over the rest of us. Yes, they can disrupt a funeral and cause personal trauma to the families for whom the funeral means so much, but their only means of survival is public notoriety. The American Legion Riders do much to protect the families of service men and women who have died serving their country. The creeps, like Westboro Baptist Church, thrive on creating a disturbance that gets them in the newspapers and television. It is like free advertising. It is my opinion that these people are NOT committed to a cause, they are committed to their own aggrandizement and notoriety. We should just consider then a bunch of trogdolites in a sea of enlightenment.


Charles Bird


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