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A.B. Brave Lake Manor ask a character.


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Here's your chance to ask the characters of Brave Lake Manor questions.


And here's the rules, be civil, be polite, yes the story has sex but you know some things are private so try to be considerate. Think of readers who have not read the whole story if "you" have so consider your questions containing spoilers beyond what chapters CR has so far published.


The character(s) being asked the question(s) may or may not answer, their answers may or may not be what you wanted/expected or desired and they will not answer questions that ask about things that have not yet happened or may give information of what is to come, they don't know the future after all...well only one does and he is not easily outsmarted :P.


So ask away! :D



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Hello Malthe,

I was wondering what it is like for you to be so much smarter than most other people around you.  I imagine it can become a bit frustrating when people just simply don't get or understand you.  It seems like you are a really well adjusted kid overall and I was wondering if part of this is because your brother is a pretty grounded kid and it helps you the same way.

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Hello, Mr. Hunter. 


I think there are different levels of contentiousness, understanding, logic and reasoning. Maybe I am not really smarter than everyone else, but am perceived as such by others because I have attained such a higher level of contentiousness, understanding, logic and reasoning than some....most but I do not let that define me. Yes sometimes it can get frustrating not to be understood by those around me or for others not to "get" me especially when they expect me to sit in a room for eight hours a day and pretend to learn stuff I've known since I was three, or when they think they know what is best for me because of my age but sometimes it can be beneficial too.


I don't know if I am "grounded" or not I'll take your word for it, I think like I said before that I do not let that define me but yes Christian can be a...force of nature. I do think though that Ryan and Peter have also kinda helped me too. I did not think that they would accept me and my twin brother but I was surprised happily. Peter and Ryan are the best bigger brothers I could have ever wanted and I think Peter with his calm, gentle yet strict demeanor is the best for keeping me and Christian...what was the word...ah yes "grounded" although I am sure there will be moments in a few years from now when i'll want to strangle him but then again which younger brother doesn't feel like that sometimes?

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