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Thank you Eric.  That gave me a lot to think about.  And I'm sorry if I go rambling a bit here, just got to get out some stuff in my heart and my head.


I am reminded, watching this and crying my eyes out, of the many members of my family that served.  My father, grandfather, aunts, uncles, distant cousins and even close cousins among them, many of them who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice to not only our country, but to the buddies they fought beside.  I am reminded that no matter our differences in the USA, we are still one people.  We are still one united country.  And while reminded of the bravery and honor of those who serve, I must also remind us all that ours is a nation of compassion as well as strength, of wisdom as well as knowledge, of honor as well as restraint, and most importantly, a nation of those with the gift to think their own thoughts, worship their own faith, express their own truths and dream their own dreams.


In honor of all that blood spilled to keep us free, to keep us strong, wise and truthful, maybe we should think twice before we spout things we know to be wrong in our hearts.  We can disagree while still being civil, we can keep our personal beliefs and still work together.  Compromise is as much an act of strength and compassion as it is of wisdom and intelligence. 


Because if we do not, can not, stand together, we surely will hang together.  Let us make common sense a lot more common.  Let us not make statements we cannot support just because it sounds like how we want things to be.  Let's remember that we, while of many different colors, creeds, beliefs, sexes, orientations, faiths, cultures and walks of life, we are still Americans.  Hope, my brothers and sisters, needs more voices, more brains, more eyes looking for answers than screaming threats and half-truths.


Is that too much to ask?  Remember to vote.  Remember to think about the whole country and not just what some politician's ego demands.  If we want progress in Congress, demand that they do their jobs, no matter your political affiliation.  Our government needs to be functional again, and not stuck in grid lock.  We have to look to the future, because we can not go back to the past, no matter how appealing that might seem at times.  If we could go back to the past, how do you think our honored dead, those that gave all, would look upon us?  How would they see us?  Small, perhaps?  Petty?  Soft?


Our strength has been our minds, our will and our determination.  It is time for Americans to stop opposing Americans.  Let's work together.


Or is it too much to ask to use our minds to find a way to proceed together?


Sorry, I'm not sure where I'm going with all this.  All I know is that my father was a Republican, and he served 24 years in the Navy, served in both Vietnam and the Persian Gulf in the 1970's and 1980's.  And I know in my heart, that while my father and i differed on many things, he would be ashamed of the way his party is acting.  He would be shamed that faith is being used to make policy, that fools who don't understand history keep repeating it's mistakes.  Because my father was also a hot blooded New Englander who wasn't afraid to let his opinion be known, but he wasn't stupid enough to just believe things he is told.  These are things he passed to me.  I wish I could see more of that in others.


Then again, what do I know?  All that I do know is that my family, all those that died in World War Two, all those that served in the wars before and after that horrible event, would be horribly upset, disappointed, and angry knowing that their sacrifice went for those that would rather tear apart our country than build it up.


So, what's your opinion?

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I am simply posting here to 'bump' this topic.  It's not something I would normally do, and I am a bit late, as Memorial Day has come and gone.  However, during a bout of insomnia, while scrolling through You Tube, i found this again.  For any who have not seen it, i warn you to have tissues ready.  for those that have, well same warning, but you at least know whats coming. 


As anyone who has read the Revolutions Universe Stories, or even mine from before the RU was created, you probably know that the military holds a special place to me.  mainly because of my father's service, and everything i did as a child with the military.  Seeing this though.  hell i don't even have words to describe what it does to me inside.  part of me wants to rage, while another part just wants to weep for how far we have fallen.  Another part, well that part swells with pride at what this young boy did, then my heart fills with shame when i realize that even though i am more than three times as old as this boy, I have never done anything even close to what he has. 


They say that all you have when the times comes to go meet your maker, is what you have done.  how many of us can say they look towards that time and know that they have done all they could do?  I don't really know if i can.  God, what a sobering thought.  LOL... i will say this now, don't try and do deep thinking when you can't sleep.... it sucks! 


Anyways, watch the video Eric posted, and think, for just a few minutes, what is truly important in this world.






As i was trying to sleep again, I remembered someone else that reminds of this boy, Although the person i am thinking about is a man, and a hell of a one at that.  He is Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers.  During the Anual 'Rolling Thunder' rally in Washington DC, on Memorial Day he is a major attraction.  Watch this to find out why, if you don't already know.  Now, bed time again... maybe.



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That first kid is amazing.  I saw that video again this past year and it tore me up again.


Here's another kid who is totally dedicated to making life for deployed and returning servicemembers better.




This kid, Cody Jackson has been doing this since he was 8 years old.  (I think he's 12 now.)  He has a Facebook page under the name of Operation99.  He used to be called the One Boy USO. 

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