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Twas the Night Before Christmas

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'Twas the night Before Christmas and all through the Castle

The walls were all decked with bows and tassel

The laptops were all put in their cases with care

In hopes  A Christmas story would soon be there.

The Authors all nestled snug in their beds

While visions best left unsaid danced in their heads

Roland in his 'kercheif,  Rilbur in his cap,

had just settled down for a long cozy nap.

when out in the hall there arose such a clatter

Roland sprung from his bed to see what was the matter.

He threw open the door and tore down the stair

on the way down he tripped over Juan's Teddy Bear

The Candlelight on the mantle glistened against the Night

The twinkle from the Christmas tree made the Hall bright

And what to his wondering eyes should appear

A shiny Christmas story to bring to all cheer.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Night.


Forum Members Ready for A Christmas treat? 


Forum members, check your stockings!  

We have 6 gifts to share with you, come Christmas morn.  

Shiny and new, but only Forum members can see them.

 Sign up and Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday Season

!!!!Plus as a bonus Santa has selected a special elf helper to write a super secret special suprise!!!!



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  • 4 weeks later...

I still don't have much done on mine.  I've got it all laid out and ready to go with a few pages written on the first chapter but haven't been in the mood for writing lately.  I'll get it done in the end.  It's all laid out and ready to go so I'll be able to bang it out in a few days and then take about a week to edit and fine tune it.  I suppose it will get done a little closer to the deadline.  Kind of hard for me to get into the mood of banging it out right now.  It'll be a nice story because I know exactly how everything is going to play out.  Well at least I hope the readers will enjoy it, lol.

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It most definitely will get done and it is just a matter of getting it banged out, cleaned up, and edited.  I've got all the appropriate research and character profiles already done.  It's been really nice not having to worry about writing and getting the next story done.  This Christmas story will be a nice one to get me slowly back into the writing groove.  I'm really enjoying the break from writing though so it's all good.  My first project back after the holidays is going to be a rough one I'm thinking and it will be tough for my readers as well emotionally.  I've got to steel myself for that one.

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Yup, it's open to all authors who wish to participate and give a nice little thank you to all of our readers.  It's just our way of saying thanks to our readers and give them a little Christmas gift.  The more authors who participate the more little packages with ribbons all tied up as gifts for the readers who are members of the forum.  I for one will be providing all my readers with my story once the holidays are over because many of them aren't forum members.  So they will still get to read my story but it won't be until sometime after the holidays are over with.  The requirements is under 60,000 words broken up into three sections of no more than 20,000 words, so basically three chapters.  My plan is to provide my forum readers with a nice three chapter Christmas story, and then add a few more chapters afterwards to provide for my entire readership.  This way the forum members will get a Christmas story as a gift, and then afterwards all of my readers including the forum members will get to have a bigger story after the holidays.  This way my readers who are forum members get a treat for being a forum member, yet I don't exclude all of the rest of my readers in the end.  They will just have to wait until after the holidays though.

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Yes, I've already emailed my readers a few times reminding them about this.  I don't want to push them anymore because I've been at them for a while now in this regard.  Now I sort of want to just give little nudges here and there so I don't come across as being too pushy, lol.  Having Christmas stories as a gift for readers does present the opportunity though to remind them if they want to read all of them from other authors as well they have to be a forum member.  Hopefully it will spur some of them to take the leap.  I will present mine though to all of my readers who aren't forum members, but not until after the holidays along with adding a few extra chapters so it will also be sort of a new story even for my forum members who read the initial Christmas story.  Sort of a win-win situation all around. 

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Sorry to one and all but I will be withdrawing from submitting a story to the forum section and instead will submit something to readers on the regular web page.  I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to submit my story after this event was over with for the rest of my readers to enjoy as well.  It was my fault for misinterpreting how the stories would be limited to only forum members...even after the holidays.  I can't exclude the rest of my readers from having a chance to read one of my stories after the holidays so I have opted to submit my Christmas story to the web site after this event is over with.  I will post the expanded version of my Christmas story starting sometime in January.  Sorry for the misunderstanding on my part, but I can't in good conscience write a story and not allow "all" of my readers a chance to read it.  After all my readers have always been there and supported me from the very beginning and I can do no less for them.


From the look of things the Christmas special is well on its way in good fashion with top notch authors contributing.  The staff have put in a lot of time and effort into this event and I'm sure it will be a resounding success.  All the best of luck to one and all.  I'm sure there will be some very nice stories from those of you who will be submitting them for forum members only.  Have fun, enjoy, and my apologies to those I've disappointed without providing a story for this event, but it will be available to everyone afterwards on the web page section of Castleroland.

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We are saddened but understand Hunter's decision to withdraw from this event. I am sure all the readers will enjoy the story that he posts on the website. For good news Kyle Aarons has thrown his hat into the ring and we have an author that wants to keep who and what he is doing a secret so for now we are calling him the Super Secret Santa Helper Elf.


Thanks everyone for helping make this another Castle Roland Special Event Success.

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Hunter I am sorry to hear that you will not be sharing your story with us here on the forum. I wish you would reconsider. Regardless, I am looking for to the special Christmas treats from those who are still participating.


I am looking forward to reading the Christmas stories. It saddens me that Hunter is pulling out but I sort of see where he is coming from. Much appreciation to all who will be giving the community a Christmas gift. I am sure we are all looking forward to some outstanding stories in a few weeks.

You will still get to read my story but it won't be on the forum site.  The rules for submitting a story in this Christmas event is that it can't be submitted in the regular story section...even after the event is over with.  This cuts out a large amount of my readers since about 95% of them are not forum members and probably never will be; although, we are trying to get more to join, lol.  I have a different readership base than most and I've convinced several of my readers to become forum members, but I know that most of them will not join for their own personal reasons no matter what the incentives.  There is nothing wrong in my opinion for providing something nice for our forum members and I don't have any issues in this regard.  It's simply in this instance I won't be able to even give my non-forum members the opportunity to read my story after the event is over with so I've opted to submit my story not in the forum section but rather in an area where my readers who are forum members and also non-forum members will have access to it.  My initial impression of this event was that forum members would be receiving these stories on Christmas as a gift and have the first opportunity to read them as part of the perk of being a member, but that I would be able to submit my story if I so choose after the holidays and when the event was over with so that the rest of my readers can also read it.  This was my mistake though in the way I was viewing this event and not Castleroland's.


So do not fret because you will get to read mine as well if you so choose, but as a courtesy I will wait until January to post the expanded version in the web page story section when this event is over with.  It will also be presented in a way where my readers will get to read the Christmas story portion of it that I had planned on presenting in the forum page for forum members as well as my expanded longer version I had planned on providing to everyone including non-forum members after the Christmas story event was over with making it more like one of my regular style stories.  Basically, I plan on having a few extra chapters added at the end to round off the story even further.  I had intended on doing it so that forum members would have gotten a nice gift from me for Christmas with my regular readers getting that portion afterwards while also rewarding everyone afterwards with an expanded version to it so that the forum members who got the first version would be able to read a new expanded version making it new for them as well the second time around.


Alas, this was not meant to be, but it doesn't mean people won't get the story.  I'm simply opting to post it in the web page story section and it won't be special in regards to it being a gift and perk to "forum members only" with the chance of reading it first and on Christmas day.  It means it will be posted on the site in January with everyone having the opportunity to read it who desire to do so.


Sorry, but this is the best I can do in order to allow my entire readership access to the story.

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