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"Never Lose Your Flames" by Issues


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     Issues is a Post-hardcore/metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. I've been following them since they formed, mainly because the two vocalists used to be in another one of my favorite bands. This song and music video speak volumes to me. A lot of the video is about a gay man finally coming out to his father, receiving a negative reaction, and finding comfort in the arms of his love. I struggled a LOT with coming out, I stayed "in the closet" for about 7 years. Though I was lucky enough to have a positive reaction from my mother, the tragedy is that many gay men and teens still live in fear of their families and friends learning that they are gay. 


     I find that many people tend to assume that this style of music is almost always angry and negative. This is far from the truth, many of today's metalcore songs are filled with passionate, emotional and positive messages. This song is about staying true to who you are and being yourself. It is one of my current favorite songs. If this song has a positive impact on even one person, then my work here is done. =)






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