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Deaf writer

Mr Crown

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I have been deaf since birth and now in my mid-life crises age. Always wanted to be a writer but cannot write the same way as those who have normal hearing. 


I really need MAJOR help, someone who understands deaf culture and helping me write in a way that normal hearing people enjoy reading. My writing now might be at a High School level which is embarrassing. 


So, if there is anyone willing to help me, it would require lots of patients and understanding.



Mr. Crown

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Mr Crown,


I might suggest you post a snippet from something you wrote in the submissions forum get feed back from the whole community. Be warned they can be brutally honest and for some people thats hard to handle. But on the other hand you might be surprised at how its received, I never considered myself a writing and felt my writing skill far inferior to most. I took the plunge one day and posted something. Its all history from there. So dive in the waters is great.

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