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Hello Folks

Mr Crown

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I love reading certain types of stories and I am a huge fan of Hunter. Just joined this fabulous form today and wish there were more involved.


One of the difficulties of joining a form is coming up with a unique Profile Name and believe me it's not that easy since I am already of member of billions of other forms. Anyway, while I was thinking of a unique name I just looked down on the floor and see an opened condom package, and it just happens to be Crown rubbers. Oh well, now you know.


It's my big dream to be a writer but I have accepted the fact that I suck at writing and therefore I come here in search of good stories with lots of fun stuff involved.


Glad to be here,

Mr. Crown

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Hello Mr. Crown. I agree with AB and he's another one of my readers who decided to write a story and asked for some advice from me. I guess with me pretty much doing it the same way as you guys with just picking it up and starting to write it is a bit easier for me to relate to what you are saying. I was the same way feeling I never had the talent for it, but I shrugged that off and simply wrote out a story. If nothing else I felt I would be the only one to see it. When I finished I was very conflicted and frightened if I should even submit the work. It's scary putting yourself out there not only because of the story content but also because it is your work. Like I said, I decided to shrug that hesitancy off and submitted and found out many people out there enjoyed my stories. You will never know until you sit down and write. It might be difficult at first but I think you might be surprised to find out it gets a little easier as you pick up on a style. Like I said if nothing else sit down and write because only you will be the one to see the final product. When you are done then you can decide what you may want to do from there. It's a bit scary but believe me I think you might surprise yourself and find out people will enjoy the story if you decide to submit. I've given you similar advice as I did with AB and he found himself now submitting to a couple of places and with readers enjoying his work. Good luck my friend and I hope you decide to give it a whirl. You will never know until you do.

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