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Trick or Treat, By Multimapper

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"Where are we?"
"My old neighborhood."
"Oh? I've never seen where you used to live. Which one is your house?"
"Actually, it's a few blocks from here. That's not why I brought you."
"Why are we here, then?"
"Why else? It's halloween!"
"Yeah. So?"
"Maybe if you see what I brought with us, it'll make more sense."
"What is that? Fangs? Wait, are you saying that you want me to dress up like a vampire for halloween?"
"No. Actually, the vampire costume is for me. You get to be a stylish and disturbingly hunky zombie."
"But you hate zombie movies."
"True. But  do you think I haven't noticed how much you enjoy them? Go ahead and start getting ready. It'll be dark soon."
"Will you help me? There's no mirror here. I can't see what I'm doing."
"I'm always here for you. However you need me."
"So, what do we do now?"
"It's pretty simple. Ring the doorbell, wait for them to answer, then say 'Trick or treat'."
"Are you sure you really want to? I mean, aren't we too old for this?"
"Maybe. But if people think so, they can just not give us any candy."
"Then do we have to trick them?"
"Let's take that on a case by case basis."
"Did you bring any bags or anything for candy?"
"Only the best."
"Pumpkins? Wow. You really did go all out. How long have you been planning this?"
"It feels like forever. I can't believe it's finally here."
"Well, it is. So let's do it."
"S'Cuse me, Mister? Can me and my brother walk with you? He's scared 'cause it's getting dark."
"Sure. I think that two wolfmen would fit right in with me and my zombie friend."
"I'm a wookie, and Sammy's an Ewok."
"Oh! Of course. Have you been to this house yet?"
"No. We were just about to start, but Sammy was too scared to walk up to the door."
"That works out because we were just about to start, too. Do you want for one of us to ring the doorbell for you, Mr. Wookie?"
"Sammy should do it. That way he'll figure out that he doesn't need to be scared of it. Besides, I'm only doing this for him."
"Are you too old for halloween?"
"It's stupid."
"I don't think it's stupid. Halloween is the one night of the entire year when the spirits of the dead are free to walk the earth and be seen by mortal men."
"Yes. But the most wonderful thing is that instead of regular people being afraid and keeping their doors locked, they made it a celebration. Because everyone is dressed up, no one knows who anyone really is, so everyone treats each other the same."
"Are there really ghosts out here?"
"Maybe. But if there are, you don't have to worry about it because they just want to be your friends. They don't want to scare you or hurt you."
"I don't know. It sounds kinda made up to me."
"Let's not worry about it. Someone needs to ring the doorbell."
"Come here, Sammy. We're all here with you. We'll keep you safe."
"Trick or treat!"
"Oh my! Werewolves and zombies and vampires. I suppose we'd better give you some candy to ward off an evil attack."
"I'm a wookie!"
"Here you go. A nice handful for each of you."
"Thank you, Mrs. McMahon."
"Happy halloween. You boys be safe."
"Trick or treat!"
"I would never celebrate this satanic holiday. Here, I have some pamphlets that I want you to read that tell all about God and his wonderful gift to the world, his son Jesus."
"Yeah. I already heard about all that. It sounds made up to me. You gonna give us candy or not."
"I would never promote a satanic holiday like this."
"Yeah? Well, I don't believe in Satan, either. I'm just in this for the candy."
"I'll pray for you."
"Knock yourself out."
"That was great, Mr. Wookie. Way to stand up for yourself!"
"So you're not mad at me for not believing in God?"
"Of course not. If you think all that religious stuff is made up, then you should be free to say that. I'd only be mad at someone if they tried to force me to believe something that I don't."
"Yeah. That sounds right."
"Come on, Mr. Wookie, let's get some more candy."
"Happy halloween. Please come in to my haunted house and discover what terrors await you."
"It's okay, Sammy. It's just pretend."
"No. It's scary. I don't want to."
"How about Mr. Wookie and I go see the haunted house and Mr. Ewok can stay out here with the zombie, where it's safe?"
"Is that okay with you?"
"Yeah. Go on. You shouldn't have to miss doing fun stuff because of me."
"Is that okay with you, John?"
"Sure. Mr. Ewok and I will be just fine out here. In fact, we may even sample a little bit of candy while you two are gone."
"Come on, Mr. Wookie. This looks like it's gonna be fun."
"Don't worry. Your brother will be right back."
"I know. Thanks for not saying anything bad about our costumes. I know they look crappy, but Jody got them at the Goodwill and used the money he makes from mowing the old lady next door's lawn to get them."
"Your costumes look great to me. I was just thinking about monsters when I first saw you, or I would have guessed Wookie and Ewok first thing."
"Are you having fun tonight?"
"Yeah. I didn't think we was gonna be able to go trick or treating, but Jody fixed it so we could."
"He seems like a really good brother."
"He's the best brother, ever!"
"How was the haunted house?"
"Mr. Vampire screamed like a little girl."
"Whoever came up with that was sick in the head."
"Come here, Billy. I'll keep you safe."
"Were you scared, Jody?"
"I jumped a couple times, but I didn't scream and cry."
"Hey! I didn't cry. I just screamed a little."
"Which way do you want to go next, Mr. Wookie?" 
"We don't know anyone off of this block."
"Where is your house, then? We'll walk you home."
"I'm old enough to do it myself. I'm almost nine!"
"Of course. But I thought Mr. Ewok might feel safer walking at night with a few more people tagging along."
"Yeah. Sammy's only six. That'd be good. Our house is right there."
"Why is it all dark? Isn't anyone home?"
"Our dad's home, but he works graveyard shift, so he's gotta sleep."
"What about your mom?"
"She's on afternoon shift right now. She won't be back until later."
"Are you guys going to be alright?"
"Yeah. We've just gotta be quiet so we don't wake up Dad. But he's there if we need something important."
"Alright, then. I guess this is goodbye. I was thinking, I don't really need all this candy. If you want it, you could have mine."
"Mine, too."
"Really? That'd be great! We hardly ever get to have candy. With yours, too, we can probably have enough to make it to Christmas."
"Go ahead, Mr. Wookie. Just be sure to share with Mr. Ewok."
"I will. I promise."
"It's still early. What do you want to do now?"
"Watch out to see that the boys are going to be alright."
"You heard Mr. Wookie. Their dad's home. They'll be fine."
"Will they?"
"Oh. You're doing that thing where you think about more than the next five minutes, aren't you?"
"Their parents couldn't even give the boys a simple halloween."
"Yeah. Mr. Ewok was telling me that Mr. Wookie used his own money to get them costumes at Goodwill."
"I'm sorry. I know this isn't any of our business. I just can't help but think that we should do something."
"Don't be sorry. That's one of the things I love about you. And, as far as doing something... well, you said you wanted us to see that the boys are going to be alright."
"Everything I've seen tells me that their family is barely living on the edge of abject poverty. One thing, even a minor thing, could devastate them. I can't stand to think of what Ewok and Wookie would have to go through if that happened."
"I know. Now that you've made me stop and think about it, I'm one hundred percent in agreement with you. Let's help them."
"Are you sure? I mean, what I want to do..."
"I know exactly what you're talking about. And yes, I'm sure. When this night ends, Ewok and Wookie won't be able to see or hear us anymore. But we'll still be able to help them. Every day we'll be there to watch over them and guide them to make the right decisions and we'll intervene when they need our help."
"And someday, hopefully many many years from now, when their days on this earth come to an end, we can be there with them to welcome them to what comes next and go with them when they cross over."
"Wow, you've got it all planned out, don't you? Are you really ready to commit to doing this for a human lifetime?"
"A human lifetime isn't even the blink of an eye compared to eternity."
"Good point. Let's go back home and let our friends know what we'll be doing, so they won't worry about us not being around."
"Yeah. We need to be sure to be back here before morning so we can start our jobs as guardian spirits."
"Thank you. I love you."
"I love you, too. Let's go."
The End

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