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Scenes from the Kandric Saga drawn by an AI


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So I found this free website (www.craiyon.com) that generates images based on text prompts, and decided to generate some scenes from the Saga just for kicks.

The results seem to be underwhelming at the moment. Perhaps my writing prompts were not good enough? 😅

It looks like this may do well in stories that are based on reality, rather than fantasy settings. I would like to see what folks with better prose can cook up with the AI's help!


Kandric fighting Gebbethia


Kandric fights Inaxia's ice minion


Jamon is chained to a wall


The Slome students explore the cave


A red dragon fights against a black dragon


Vondum discusses matters with Monarch




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Great site. I think it takes several attempts and picking key phrases, tweaking words, example ice demon might work better with big icy monster. Anyway, I tried it and after a few goes with some tweaks got what I wanted.

The picture represents the opening paragraph of my story Hamilton Gode.

The bus pulled to a halt whipping up a cloud of dust from the dry dirt road. Suddenly they were in the midst of a hive of activity. People stood up, dragging baggage from the metal overhead racks, fishing out bundles from beneath seats. They pushed their way to the front, climbing out into the midday heat. Embroiled in the chaos he stood still a moment wondering if they would be left there, disembarked without their luggage. He saw Lowerstoff move to fetch his rucksack from the soute of the old yellow monster whose metal doors had been flung open and hitched up the side of the bus. He followed suite, anxious to get his own luggage and escape the turmoil.

"Hotel, mister!"

The key words highlighted in bold, plus I added, Morocco, Arab, and town. In my limited experience simple AI works by first grabbing key words and generates images around those words, the phrases are irrelevant. The nine generated pictures each give variations on the words.

I like it, thanks.




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This is a composite image from two separate prompts:

  • a ferocious gargantuan black dragon breathing fire and brimstone in a cave attacking with claws in a photorealistic style
  • a photorealistic image of an 11-year old red-headed child in leather armor carrying a dagger in a dynamic action pose


The other dragon images it generated weren't half-bad either!

1251342981_DALLE2022-09-2614_49_49-aferociousgargantuanblackdragonbreathingfireandbrimstoneinacaveattackingwithclawsinaphotorealisticstyle.thumb.png.e27e32d6b15ad7ad5c2f4737756cd9f7.png956000551_DALLE2022-09-2614_49.56-aferociousgargantuanblackdragonbreathingfireandbrimstoneinacaveattackingwithclawsinaphotorealisticstyle.thumb.png.39d01f5ca3d55d74ced410ccc3f0dedd.png1285857221_DALLE2022-09-2615_28.34-aferociousgargantuanblackdragonbreathingfireandbrimstoneinacaveattackingwithclaws.thumb.png.4115d724b3119df05815e01640abbcde.png155208113_DALLE2022-09-2615_28_28-aferociousgargantuanblackdragonbreathingfireandbrimstoneinacaveattackingwithclaws.thumb.png.7a8d09d17ce462b57533fdb7465c3879.png592635965_DALLE2022-09-2615_28.24-aferociousgargantuanblackdragonbreathingfireandbrimstoneinacaveattackingwithclaws.thumb.png.1cf94d7bf76a5b9a02f05229ab6cb253.png548320033_DALLE2022-09-2615_30.25-aferociousgargantuanblackdragonbreathingfireandbrimstoneinacaveattackingwithclawsinaphotorealisticstyle.thumb.png.e28e68bf0f6ef72183b24d89d42ed31b.pngDALL·E 2022-09-26 15.28.20 - a ferocious gargantuan black dragon breathing fire and brimstone in a cave attacking with claws.png

Here are the other images of the red-headed boy it made:



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Found yet another AI, but this one is a bit harder to use since you have to do it on Discord. It's less costly than Dall-E -- the cheapest plan is $10/month to generate about 200 images per month, or 5 cents per generation, or $30/month for essentially unlimited use.

I used the same prompts that I did for Dall-E.

I would argue it has better Blathamorts,


but worse Kandrics.


Here's an upscaled version of Blathamort # 4 (upscaling is charged one "generation") for quality reference:



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I wonder if you might be missing something in the wording for Kandric.  He's an Halfling mix of human and Elf did you take that into account because I would have thought he would have pointed ears that makes him recognizable as a mix breed or other traits possibly because those look really human child instead,

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The AI doesn't understand half-elf very well. Let's just say that when the phrase "half-elf" is there, the results leave much to be desired 😅

But of course, it could just be me and my terrible prompt writing skills. You can give the AIs a shot and maybe generate something really amazing. For example, someone was able to generate this really awesome-looking fire dragon:


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