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I am extremely curious what lead you from the kid organizing a rally and shouting this...


"Justice!" he called. "Justice!" he repeated for good measure. "We don't want revenge, we want justice!"


to this in a matter of minutes. 


.............." Mat finished. "Get the wounded out, your weapons hidden or disposed of, and any witnesses dealt with before then."


I understand that you think of yourself as an organized Resistance but we must maintain our morals and humanity or we are no better than the people causing this. My question is how far are you willing to go?


Dr, John Harlow MD

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Doctor Harlow,


You want to complain about how I treated their prisoners?  Tell it to the people they took prisoner.  I'll wait while you find one.  Really I will.


They attacked unarmed civilians, without warning or mercy.  They were, at best, guilty of murder.  Put them before a jury of their peers, and nothing on earth could have mitigated that offense down past a death sentence.  And if we'd let them live, we would be the ones on trial.  And unlike the trial I might, in other times, have attempted to arrange for them, the trial Ashwood's goons would have arranged for us wouldn't have been fair.  And I strongly suspect that the death sentence our peers would have been ordered to hand down wouldn't have involved anything as clean as a shot to the head.  A shot to the gut, maybe, but I suspect even that would have been quicker and cleaner.


Those individuals -- I won't dirty the term 'soldier' by using it on them -- were wounded, but they knew who we were.  They knew that we'd taken up arms and done a damned good job at kicking the ass of a better trained, better equipped team.  They damn near had us at the end, before they cut and run, but it was a damned close thing either way.


They may not have had arms in their hands, may or may not have been ready to fight then and there, but it was our lives or theirs.  I chose theirs.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see if I can assist in first aid.  And after your question, I don't think they want to see your face.



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I will find you a prisoner of Ashwood's goons, Me, I was ripped out of my home in the middle of the night at gun point. I was thrown into the back of a cold truck wearing nothing but my boxers. I was hit in the head with a rifle when I attempted to ask what was going on. I was dumped into a hanger with a large group of children and told wait here. The army guys that run the airport here have been pretty decent and have allowed me to treat and care for the children. But we are still prisoners and have no contact with the outside world. The Military commander has ALLOWED me to write to you. And you know what if one of them gets hurt I treat them because even though they are my enemy and my Jailers they are still human beings.


We have been told we are being taken to Orlando next week. I am not sure whats happening in Orlando but I can only imagine it will get worse from here but I will still remain true to my Morals.


John Harlow

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Don't try to compare apples and oranges.  Fine, whatever military forces are in your area are behaving halfway human.  If these individuals had done so, maybe I wouldn't have felt the need to deal with them in such a permanent manner.  If I hadn't dealt with these individuals quickly and expediently, they would have gone on to slaughter more innocents.  By taking one life, I could save potentially dozens.



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