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Hello, everyone,


you all can call me A.B. or Alex, I am from Greece, or Hellas as we like to call it. I've only written one story so far, Brave Lake Manor. The story like the stories I intend to write is not so much about sex although it has a lot of and future stories will have as well, but its more about the characters discovering themselves, their place on the world, overcoming obstacles and so on. Much like real life.


I intent to have diversity in my stories, diversity in the characters displayed in them, diversity in the locations , plot etc.


Brave Lake Manor is situated in a land that can be best described as the best parts of the UK and USA, the "land" itself is more closely related to the UK but parts of the culture are a mix of the two.


The second story will not even be in Earth but another far off magical world, although it will begin somewhere in Earth. How's that for vague? :P


Third story will be situated in a small Greek island and from there on...who knows? (Well I know of course :D)



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Hello Alex,


I enjoyed your first one since I was one of the lucky ones to get a sneak peek at the entire story.  It really has a lot going for it with plenty of twists and turns.  I'm sure no matter what story and setting you write it will be interesting from start to finish.  Your first attempt was very well done and I'm sure your style will evolve as you go along just like many of us other authors.  Just keep banging away at the keyboard.

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