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Roland: Ask a Character

Emperor Roland

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Okay, now... I know this is going to get me into a lot of trouble, but a bunch of my characters have been itching to get out there and chat with you all, and finally... after much pondering, (and not a few threats) i have decided to give them what they want.  be ware, you may not like the answer you get!  and in Juan's case... you may want to keep small children, and those faint of heart away form here!  lol


Anyways, so what do you want to know form the characters, or even myself?



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Adam Casey
Unit Base Utah

Dear General Casey,

I am curious as to how you have handle the responsibility and duties that come with being in a position of leadership. I know the drain that having to be the decision maker can be an I am curios how you deal with it. Do you often question yourself privately? And do you find many "Adults" question your command ability. I am twice your age and have been thrust in a leadership position I am finding it hard to adapt.I have surrounded myself with a tight group of friends that cover for all my weaknesses but even that is terrify just being close to me puts them in danger. 

I hope I am not being to forward and eagerly await your response.




Dale Ryan


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Admiral Ryan


I have followed some of your adventures and feel that i must point out that you, as well as any commander, are often their worse critic. 


One may think that, not remembering anything from before the time i was in training to be a commander would make things easier, and in a way it may.  but truthfully there are days where i dream about not having the weight and responsibility of command on my shoulders.  Mom keeps telling us we have to learn how to be kids every once in a while, but most of us don't even know how to begin.  but that's a discussion for later.


As far as adults questioning me?  Sometimes that happens, but once they get to know us, they know that i really do know what i am doing.  those that don't, well i just send Juan after them.  :P


Finally, your last comment...


    ...just being close to me puts them in danger.


from someone who is in that exact same position... do NOT dishonor and disrespect your friends by trying to protect them.  more often than not, they know exactly what they are getting themselves into, and for you trying to shield them from possible harm, you are saying to them that they are not good enough.  we both know that is not what you are saying, but to the heart, that is what's being heard.  they chose to be your friend, with everything that comes with it.  do not shun them.


Adam Casey

Commander UNIT Forces

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Lady Obirat,


I noticed one of your teen workers had whip marks.


I am curious as to your methods of discipline. I think I would have found the lad eye catching had it not been for the marks, so if he is owned by you, are you not hurting your own pounces by having such potential bed flesh whipped? And if you do not own, then what transgression could be so horrible to deny the lad a chance to earn some coin while not working for you?


High Merchant Elicar

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How come you didn't do anything when you were in the bath housed and saw the slave kid with whip marks. You could have done something to help, I mean you have money, power and are obviously dressed well enough to be a noble. How can you care about two Half eEf street urchins and not a whipped slave boy?

Just wondering since I am owned and I keep wondering why no one seems to care when the guy who owns me, not even legally, let's me be whipped and stuff and no one cares.


PS Vondum is snickering about yanking out the teeth of anyone who would dare say anything about the way he treats me, but still that kid didn't have an owner like mine.

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Dear Juan

It may sound weird, but I'm actually writing from a parallel dimension where the United Nations is still here, America is in one piece, and Asswood or UNIT don't exist. Well kinda, because I'm reading about what's happening in your universe in stories at a site named Castle Roland.

I'm a big fan of you guys and what you do. I know it isn't easy and I really respect your goals and actions.

The reason I'm writing this is... Well, I'm a big comic nerd, and in the comic books over here, we have people and even kids with superheroic abilities, just like you. And they are actually classified on how powerful they are, for example like intelligence, stamina and power projection.

I am really curious about the healing abilities. One bad guy named Lobo can regenerate from a single drop off blood, while another hero named Wolverine (his name is Logan, how word is that??)has a healing factor so strong he can heal from any injury and regrow limbs just like a lizard. Well not in the current storyline where they are going to kill him off but I think it is just temporary for publicity and they will bring him back later.

So I was wondering. You guys are very strong, but you can still be hurt and hurt pretty bad (I really hope you are doing okay now.) Would you know the limits of your healing ability? I mean if course you cannot come back from a drop of blood but I guess you can regrow limbs and organs? Or survive like Captain America in a block of ice for 50 years?

I really appreciate you reading my message and it's okay if you don't want to answer because it is top secret. I hope you will give them hell kid!!!

Your biggest fan

Zeke Griffin

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First off, while i may be the second as far as medical goes within the UNIT's fighting forces, i ain't no Geneticist.  With that in mind, i brought Chang to answer those questions.  what i will say is that the asshole who 'made me', wanted to find out if i could regrow things as well.  yes we can.  Here's Chang


Mr. Griffin.  While we have not had to study it, what we do know from Juan is that yes, we are able to re-grow missing parts.  It takes a while, and is not very pleasant. 


I hope this answer was satisfactory to you, and if you wish to know more, please feel free to ask.

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Sorry Conth, I have been very busy dealing with the new additions to the group. 


I find things very difficult to understand in this new time.  It is so... utterly different from everything that i was raised with.  However, the one thing i can not do is jeopardize our mission and our lives. 


Would i like to take every slave i find and help them... yes.  would i love to take the slave owners that mistreat their slaves, and.. show them the error of their ways.  very much so.  However, that would not be wise, or even possible... yet.


If the Gods are willing, and we have luck on our side, we will find and re-capture our ancient homeland, and then... then we shall show the world how ALL beings should be treated.


I know this will not do much good for you, but perhaps, again if the Gods will it, something may happen where you could find your way to our home, and see how true slaves should be treated.  perhaps.



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Nice way to tell my little piece of property that he is so screwed. Those who can do something don't because something is always far more important that a hunk of owned flesh.




Hey I get it, what is one whipped brat who got what he deserved or even what the owner wanted? they are property and it is high time they figure out they are owned, nothing more. They are no better than any other tool lying around their owners house. They are there to be used until they no longer serve the purpose they were bought for then sold off like a piece of used furniture.



Conth, get used to it and stop all your whining. Damn, did Kandric ever get the better end of the deal by taking Jamon.




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to be honest, i have no clue who you are, but i can tell from the way you speak you have absolutely no idea how to properly own a slave.  it is said that you will get harder work and more loyalty form someone whom trusts you now to take advantage of their situation.  someone who actually respects and likes you will be a much more productive slave then someone who if only doing what you tell them to because they are afraid of you. 


King Rathort always told us to be respectful to all those that you meet, because there is always someone out there that is bigger and more powerful then you are, and you never know who they may be when you run into them. 


But then again, what should i expect from a time that has fallen as far as this one has.  Most of the people i have seen so far in this time are little better then Orcish scum.  Well there's really only two options.  complain and whine about it, or work to make it better.  I think i know which one i will do.  i could not respect myself if i did not try to make the world around me a better place.  That is the difference between real people and scum.  real people try to make everyone around them better, therefore making themselves better.  while Scum are content to wallow in their own filth. 


Which one are you i wonder?



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Ah, Thane, dear boy,


I have a sneaking suspicion you have no real clue of what you speak.


Have you a clue of what a slave really is? Have you been one? Have you been at the complete and total disposal of someone who cares nothing for you other than what you do for him/her/it? Something tells me you have not. Now, I would be happy to show you. A contract of say a couple of months, where you get paid based on your performance to my whims with a sliding scale? I am sure I could show you what being a slave really means in such a time and you would even be allowed to fully recover over the last few days. Hell, you sound like you are cute enough for me to enjoy such a situation so I would even pay to fully heal you if such a thing becomes necessary. Maybe you have the will to where you are a survivor and will not need healing at all, but I detect there is a side of you too soft to understand the real horrors of being a piece of property to be used by a master. I would place money on your mind rebelling at one one-hundredth of what I dealt with at your age equivalency. You would need to be put down, because you have something no slave can be allowed to have, or must at least hide it, that would be PRIDE: a slave can either have none or hide all of it and show none.


What would you, rich boy, know of such things?


You have the audacity to think of a slave as a person. I was certainly no person in the forges under the Obsidian Fortress! I was a tool.


Let me put this in a way everyone can understand. I was one of hundreds, maybe even thousands of shovels. Nothing more. Now, as with any tool, some are made better than others. A good shovel can dig out a good sized rock over and over. A poor one will have it's handle break on the first one, and an average one will break over time. Most tools taken to the forges of the Obsidian Fortress are somewhere in the average range. They break over time, just like my little brother did. May are poor and break quickly. Those that break quickly are totally useless and are discarded, sold quickly as refuse or scrap. Those who made it for a time are kept around and their remnants used up. they are then sold as well, but they have a better class of owner who sees in them some kind of potential, enough to pay a decent price for what is left. My brother sold for 1800 silver since he had what it took to become a Mystic. I am sure he was used as a cabin boy, since he was put on the ships as a pleasure boy after I decided he was not worth as much as magic out of the vaults of the Black Dragon Hoard. A wise decision on my part, I might add.


Then there are the finely crafted tools. They are worth their weight in gold. They are dependable and do not break no matter the strain you put them under. Just like a shovel that you brace and a rock to lever out a tree root, all but the best will break. The very few that don't are tools worth something. I am one of those and I proved it under, in and outside of the Obsidian Fortress. The fires of the forges honed me, hardened me and made me a Human officer in the Black Dragon Guard! I was in command of Warrior Dragons by decree of the Prince Bandurlok himself. From slave to Military Officer by my own hand, boy.


Come, stay with me for two months, let us see if you have what it takes inside you. Then you can talk to me about proper treatment of the tools we know of as slaves.


As a side note: You should know I took possession of two boys at the same time: Conth and Jamon. Jamon is now in Premier Kandric's possession and is well on his way to being like me. Conth, well, he has my brother written all over him. Which are you?


General Vondum of Kandric's Northern Army

Former Captain of the Guard: Black Rapids.

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General Vondum.


First off, i must say that i am impressed with what you have said.  in all honesty, i do not know that of which you speak, because in the time that i come from, Slaves are not treated the way you were.  IN what little i have come to know of you in our correspondence, i have a feeling any pity i have for you would be met with anger and hatred.  such a thing i do understand.  you should have pride that you have risen from such depths to being the man that you are today.  you have something that very few in this time have.  a drive to be the very best you can be, because anything less is a disgrace to not only you, but to those beings that forged you into what you are.  i do not see you as being someone who would tolerate such disgrace. 


In the Time that i come from, such things were not needed since most beings had the inner drive to better themselves.  Everyone, from slave to royalty were encouraged, and required to learn.  it did not matter what they learned, as long as it was something.  Thus is the way it should be.  it saddens me to see how far things have fallen, but such is the will of Time i guess.  However, just like all things, that can be changed.  it will not be easy, this we know.  but we would not be able to live with ourselves if we did not try. 


Was i ever a slave?  No.  I grew up in the Alphar courts.  we had slaves around us, and i even had a friend that was a slave.  Even though they were slaves, they were not treated as just property.  my traveling companion and dear friend Syth was a slave.  i say was because he earned his freedom when he foiled an assassination attempt on my Prince.  To us, in our Time, it matter not what you were, but WHO you were.  a slave is just as encouraged to better themselves as a Prince.  that is just the way it is.  since the more we better ourselves, the more we better our kingdom. 


Is our way better then yours?  some may say so, others would disagree.  me, i see the benefits of both.  Our way is kinder, and works towards the betterment of the Kingdom.  Your way is much more demanding on the person, but IF they survive... as you said yourself, they become the finely crafted tools that you have become.  I believe at some time in the future i would like to get to know you better.  i do not think that we would be able to convince the other that our way is best, but it would certainly make for interesting conversation. 


If that time should come, i would greet you with the hand of friendship.



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I see you have a bit of grit in your bones which is all but unheard of in rich boys in this realm.


Should you ever want to come and stay for a bit and learn what a real slave should be treated like, I will be happy to show you. Few succeed, but those who do become real men, and there are far to few of them around anymore.


Maybe in your time there were more real men, or at least you had a benefactor who taught you the only real power a person has is within. If the inside does not break to pressure it will only make you stronger. Remember that as you move though this world and never show fear, for fear is the ultimate weapon of those who wish to control others.


General Vondum

Former Captain of the Guard, Black Rapids

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