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Billy Martin

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Hey y'all.


I thought I would add here a word of caution with this forum. I've been a member of sites that still offer a political forum and some that have eliminated it from their site. It seems to me that it can and often does lead to friendship breakdowns and at times chaos for the management of the sites that hosts forum such as this.


Personally, I'm pro gay, in that I'm against gay bashing and any actions that treats gays any differently than any other member of society. I believe in equal rights for all, not special rights for some. In just those two sentences, the probability is high that I have already said something that some of you will disagree with.


Political discussion is important in a Democratic Republic like ours, but is a community like ours (literature site) the best place for it. The USA is a divided nation, at present, and I'm sure there are some of us found on both ends of the spectrum of political opinion. Some opinions are very strongly held and locked-in. When challeged on their beliefs can result in some very heated debates, if debates is what they are called. I don't, because usually no one is listening to what anyone else is saying and people just end up talking at others and not with others. And that is just taking in the differing opinions of those in the USA. Add the world and watch out. :) 


I can live with or without this forum. Just remember, we are all brothers and sisters. When we many are one, we are strong. When we many are many, we are weaker for it.







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I have to say that out of all the forums I have been on that have Political threads this is the most intelligent and non-personal so far. So far it seems as though when the discussion gets to heated we walk away. With that said I believe that discussion is important so we can understand each others positions. I for. one have always loved intelligent debate as long as it stays that way. Those that don't debate with intelligence I just ignore.

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I agree with Ken, and if we all behave like adults and take these discussions for what they are...a place to express our views while respecting others then there shouldn't be any problems.  Besides the rule is behave or else.  I think if the rule is strictly enforced then there won't be any issues.  Anyone who doesn't like what is being said doesn't have to read or respond.  Keep the debate civilized with a civil tongue and all is well. You can be passionate about your views but you also have to respect the other person's passion who has a differing view.  Anyone who doesn't do that the solution is simple, they get booted plain and simple.

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Some forums, and some people, can't handle political discussions amicably.


On the other hand... well, lets just say that when certain RU authors start discussing politics, every grabs the popcorn and / or dives for cover.  And yet we all still get along just fine, despite how dreadfully, insanely wrong some people are.


Of course, they say the same things about me, so...


Anyway, hopefully these forums can follow the lead of the skype conversations we have.  Conversations?  Maybe I should say 'battles'...

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