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Coffee Gate???? Really this is the top news

ken barber

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Flipping through the news channels this morning and I am shocked and appalled that the top story is the that The President saluted with a coffee in his right hand.

Honestly is it cool,No but WTF who cares.

1. He is a civilian not military the salute is honorary.

2.  We have more important shit to deal with.

3. He has a lot more on his mind than if he got the salute right.


I am a veteran and honestly i don't give a shit.


President Obama Saluted with a coffee in his hand.

President Bush saluted carrying a dog in his right arm.


Report news for Christ sake.



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But they can't help it, Ken.  Think about what Pallin said (yeah, can't believe i'm quoting that source either) and maybe news organizations (points and laughs at FOX News) shouldn't just go around making stuff up.  Talk about a non-news story.  Aren't we dropping munitions on people right now?  Aren't there natural disasters that need both help and engineering to help prevent in the future?  Isn't there any good news?  Seriously?

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So long as he used his right hand for the salute, and held the coffee in the left hand, he was complying with military codes of conduct.  I carried a shoulder purse over my left shoulder, diaper bag at times, shopping bags, and yes, meals and coffee and if I ran into an officer, I had my right hand free to present a sharp salute.  


And even after 20 years retired, my right hand and arm generally remains free of objects. 


And I agree, the 'so-called newsies' need to become professional and do a real job of reporters again.

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