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Centennial 14 Sneak Peak


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One of my readers posed several questions.  Those questions are ripe for a Sneak Peak.  So here it goes.


--> A huge shopping trip and an even more significant telephone call has everyone ready to travel.  Some issues with the boys have been ironed out but it is left for Lawrence to confront his father.  When they first discussed contacting him I thought they were crazy but Lawrence has a plan.  What is his plan?  What will he say to the President?  Will it send the already crazy man over the edge?


My response:

Will Lawrence actually make the call to his father, Richard Ashwood?


I keep thinking that he is deathly afraid of his father finding his location which, he feels, would likely result in hurt, harm, or worse to the Finnegan family - will he actually go through with the call?


Another question comes to mind - if he were to make the call... would, could he resort to blackmail?  He is, after all, an Ashwood!

Those questions and more will have to be addressed in future chapters.  Stay tuned.


Joe Writer Man

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