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Some questions and answers from Hunter's live chat session


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Castleroland’s first live chat session came off as a resounding success.  Both author and guests enjoyed themselves immensely with the normally tight lipped Hunter actually giving out some sweet rewards to the participants in this small tight knit group.  Even though he was a bit coy about some future surprises in upcoming chapters, he still provided everyone with some unique insights into what to expect.  Normally it is like pulling teeth in regards to anything in this author’s upcoming chapters and projects simply due to the nature of his writing style, but he even shared some story ideas which he already has in the works.


While in the chat-room everyone was also allowed to view pictures of all his characters from the stories Hunter has written so far, to the delight of everyone.  The chat session lasted close to two hours, but the time simply zipped by for everyone as they asked their questions and Hunter went into great length and detail of his writing style and works.


Some topics of discussion included:


  • Where does Hunter get his story Ideas?
  • How does he prepare for and outline stories?
  • What is his process for Character Development & Profiles (where does he get his characters)?
  • What is involved in the Research Process of his stories?
  • At what point does he actually sit down to write out a story, and how does he let the story flow.  Does he do additional research along the way?
  • How does he go about describing characters in his stories?  Does he have any particular steps or order in this process?
  • Does he use editors and what is his philosophy on it?
  • Why all those Cliffhangers all the time?
  • What are his thoughts in regards to using the U.S. system of measurements, weights, and temperatures when most other countries use the metric system?



For each of these questions Hunter delved deeply; extensively describing his thoughts and ideas in great detail so we could better understand the methods he uses and why.  It was simply amazing to gain insights into the workings of how this particular author creates his stories from start to finish.  He was able to provide insights into his style of writing, and what works for him as an author.  It is easy to see why his stories are so detailed in nature, and why he manages to create saga’s that keep readers sitting on the edges of their seats.  He has a way of completely exhausting his readers because of the emotional ride he manages to take them on.


Every author is different, and it will be interesting to see what some of the other authors have in store for us in their chat sessions.

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