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I am not an writer, and i do not have intentions to became one, can not write a story to save my life.
I did try some years back writing a short story about my first time, did not work very well and i never post it any where.
Saying that just want to share my experience in writing post here. Because i am not English native i have some difficulty in translating ideas and concepts from Portuguese to English.
some of my posts, the longer ones can take from half an hour to an hour to write, sometimes more.
I have to think what i want to write, structure it and start to write it, some words i have to check on Google translator (LOL), after finishing it more or less, i use an word processor to check my spelling
and reread it several time to check if what i write makes sense.
So even an simple post can be time consuming, i can only imagine what will be to write a multi chapter story.
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