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The Show Must Go On by Freddie Mercury and Queen

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It was the last song he worked on before he died, and the last song on the last Queen album, "Inuendo"


It is a shining testament to his talent and career, as well as a stellar moment of defiance and willpower in the face of certain doom.  I know that sounds a little overly dramatic, but hey, that describes Freddie as well.  At the time of the recording, Freddie was literally dying from medical complications arrising from his infection of HIV/AIDS.  Yet despite the ravages his body was going through, he powered through this song, knowing it could well be his last.  Of all the great songs Queen ever produced, and there are many of those, this one has always struck home with me.  "i'll face it with a grin / I'm never giving in / on with the show"  Words to live by.


I will add this little bit before I try to find a youtube post to link in with this.  A long time ago, it seems, I used to tutor kids in a cancer ward.  I know that some might think the kids have enough on their plates with trying to fight for their lives to put them through schooling as well, but it actually gave the kids hope that they were expected to do school stuff as well.  Like the mere act of trying to keep up with their studies gave them something to look forward to, that their lives still mattered enough to others to see that they didn't fall behind.  Those kids never did anything to deserve the pain they went through.  But they never backed down from staring death in the face daily and making the reaper blink.  This song still makes me think about those kids, the ones we lost, the ones we saved, the ones still in the fight, who everyday have so much more to live for because they choose not to just give in.


Sorry if this makes you sad or reminds you of someone you lost, but Freddie puts it all into perspective.  Do your best, live your life, take courage and never let them see you sweat.  The show must go on.



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