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Anyone ever hear of "Truthy"?

Emperor Roland

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Well time for me to stir the pot again.  Right, Left or Center, I can't see how anyone can be anything other than scare shitless over this one.   However, if you think this is a good idea, i really do wanna hear from you, because perhaps i am missing something.  Normally i would just link to the news article, but this time i am going to paste the text of the article right into this post.




Americans’ telephone conversations already are being monitored by the National Security Agency and their health-care policies by the Internal Revenue Service. Now there’s “Truthy,” a government-funded project at Indiana University that will  watch their Tweets for “political smears” and “social pollution.”


The goal is to track those comments.


The Washington Free Beacon reported this week that the government already has contributed nearly $1 million to the project that its organizers say is to “analyze and visualize the diffusion of information on Twitter.”

“The Truthy system evaluates thousands of tweets an hour to identify new and emerging bursts of activity around memes of various flavors. The data and statistics provided by Truthy are designed to aid in the study of social epidemics: How do memes propagate through the Twittersphere? What causes a burst of popularity?”


The program operators say: “We also plan to use Truthy to detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution. While the vast majority of memes arise in a perfectly organic manner, driven by the complex mechanisms of life on the Web, some are engineered by the shady machinery of high-profile congressional campaigns. Truthy uses a sophisticated combination of text and data mining, social network analysis, and complex networks models. To train our algorithms, we leverage crowdsourcing: we rely on users like you to flag injections of forged grass-roots activity. Therefore, click on the Truthy button when you see a suspicious meme.”


John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute and author of “A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State,” said it’s a step beyond what the U.S. Constitution allows.


“For the federal government to be tracking so-called hate speech or subversive propaganda is not only Orwellian but violates the very fundamental rights to free speech and privacy guaranteed to us by the Constitution,” he told WND. “Under such a program, the Founding Fathers would have been under surveillance and probably rounded up for opposing the British government.


“Moreover, encouraging fellow citizens to inform on each other is reminiscent of the treachery we witnessed under the Nazi regime where people were arrested for merely raising questions about government actions. This is clearly an illegitimate use of taxpayer monies.”


The National Science Foundation-funded program aims to “mitigate the diffusion of false and misleading ideas, detect hate speech and subversive propaganda, and assist in the preservation of open debate,” according to records of the project.


The Free Beacon reported that while “Truthy” claims to be non-partisan, the project’s lead investigator, Filippo Menczer, supports numerous progressive advocacy groups, including President Obama’s Organizing for Action, Moveon.org, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Amnesty International and True Majority.


Menczer teaches at the university and links to those groups from his biography at the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research, the report said.


The concept of “hate speech” has been used as a political weapon since before Obama became president. But it was his signature that made law the federal “hate crimes” act,  which applies special penalties based on person’s beliefs and feelings.


WND reported “hate crimes” and “hate speech” were targeted by two Democratic lawmakers when the Justice Department submitted a report for action against any Internet sites, broadcast, cable television or radio shows determined to advocate or encourage “violent acts.”


Among the organizations that previously have been labeled as “haters” are the World Congress of Families, which promotes the “natural family,” the Drudge Report for covering “black crime” and Joseph Farah, WND founder and CEO, who long has been targeted by Southern Poverty Law Center which has described WND as “the conspiracist ‘news’ site.”


Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., believe their Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 “would create an updated comprehensive report examining the role of the Internet and other telecommunications in encouraging hate crimes based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation and create recommendations to address such crimes,” stated a news release from Markey’s office.


The Alliance Defending Freedom has called such “hate-crimes” bills “another nail in the coffin of the First Amendment.”


“All violent crimes are hate crimes, and all crime victims deserve equal justice,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley said in a statement. “This law is a grave threat to the First Amendment because it provides special penalties based on what people think, feel or believe.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/new-program-joins-nsa-irs-in-watching-you/#e5ZeP4AUVaPlXg15.99




So... what do you think?


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I find it strange that this "problem" is just now coming to people's attention. When the current Attorney General was sworn in, he stated that he was going to "track down" and "put down" the "Hate Mongers" in this country. I suspect his definition of "Hate Mongers" differs substantially from my own. He made his goals very plain recently when he stepped into the crisis near St. Louis and we all should take notice that he has not made any move against the intense government monitoring of telephone traffic by the NSA.  Everyone should be aware by now that their bank records, medical records, student records and most employment records have all been digitalized in searchable files available to the government and police agencies. The same for e-mails and internet activity. There are observation stations along major highways recording traffic, including license plates and manned DHS posts are becoming common, where you are stopped and asked where you are going and where you have been. This and much more data is compiled on computers and can be retrieved at any time to inspect where you have been, how long you have been there and where you are headed. It would a simple matter to cross reference that data with your Income Tax files. Those involved in Medicare and Obamacare could be penalized should their lifestyle not match their health profile or their Income Tax reports.



Charles Bird


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I don't know why this should be a surprise to anyone.  Let's face it they simply continue on invading our privacy one step at a time.  Once they find complacency in one arena they exploit it and move in taking over and then move on to the next thing.  It is government invasion of privacy for complete government control over our lives.  The constitution might as well be shredded because quite literally it simply doesn't apply anymore except to those who are simply brainwashed into thinking our constitutional rights still apply.  yes it does on paper but not in practice.  Our United States Supreme Court is a joke anymore simply put their for political ideaology and not to protect the constitution.  They all put more time into figuring out ways to circumvent our constitution to suit their own political ideologies.  Our government is simply using the tactics used throughout history with tyrants from all ilks.  It isn't about our constitutional rights anymore but rather how they can continue to garner votes and remain in control of the masses.  All governments are simply wired this way to have complete control over its citizens.  It is simply the nature of government including ours.  It simply takes more imagination though for it to happen in our government and slowly but surely we are losing our civil liberties on a daily basis.  This isn't left, right, or center, it is all of our politicians who simply view this as a means of staying in control over us.

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What you say is perfectly true and you said the ONE WORD that sums up the entire situation. That one word is CONTROL! That is what it is all about from start to finish and it has been going on for a long time, however, the present Administration has raised it to a fine art. The population of The United States exists for one purpose; TO KEEP THOSE IN POWER SLEEK AND WELL FED AND TO ENSURE THAT THEY STAY IN POWER.



Charles Bird


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