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A new Adventure Abounds.

boys in the hood

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A new Adventure abounds 


Chapter 1 



My name is Rodger and I am 12 years old.  I have a good looking body and have just started puberty.  My eyes are green and my

hair is brown, with a short cut.  I'm about 5 ft i inch tall and have no baby fat left on me.  I live in a town just outside of L,A that I

won't get into as I won't be living there anymore. You ask why. So I will tell you my story about how I became to live with my uncle.





His name is Ted. He's my dad's brother and he lives in Orlando Florida with his wife Mary and two sons Jackson and Willard.  Jackson is 

12 and Willard is 11 years old.  Both are into scouts like me and I always enjoy scouting with all my pals but now I won't see them anymore

due to the auto accident that killed both my parents.  They were heading to a hotel for dinner with friends and a tractor trailer T-boned

them on highway 21. The truck swerved to miss another car that broke down but didn't see my parents car in front of him and he hit

my parents car with full force that they didn't have a chance to live. 




My uncle was in Italy due to his army duties and was unable to attend my parents funeral. I won't go into details as it's still a little nerve racking to talk about it.  My friend Toby was with me when my parents were laid to rest and gave me a load of hugs and told me 

he would help me out with anything I needed.  I just need a friend to keep me together.  Now that the funeral was over I received a call

from my uncle who was now my only relation I had said he would be now looking after me and he told me that his family was heading

back to Orlando today and I was going to fly to Orlando to be with my cousins tomorrow.




"Now Rodger, just remember that we are always here for you and if ever you want to stay here with us just call and we will be here

for you."  Mrs Williams  said handing me my hand luggage.  The trip to the airport was a quick affair with a small amount of traffic

to deal with and  we arrived at terminal one departures flying on Delta airways.  "Rodger, don't ever forget me, I will miss you my

friend and I will keep in touch with you."  Toby told me while my ticket to Orlando was sorted out.  "I will never forget you Toby, 

you are a true friend and I will miss you.too."I moaned feeling tears dribbling down my face. 




At the gate my friend and I stood close together waiting for the plane to board me and in 10 minutes the ticket lady told us that it was time

to board the plane and asked for parents with kids or anyone that needed assistance to come forward.

"Good luck in Orlando .Rodger, take care and give us a call when you arrive." Mrs Williams told me.  "Thank you for everything

you did for me Mrs Williams, I will sure miss you." I said and in seconds I was off to the plane with my ticket in my left hand and my

hand luggage in my right hand.  Toby waved to me as I departed into that long tunnel that connected to the plane and in minutes  I was 

sitting in my seat wondering how my life has changed in only a week. 




"Good morning son, you are Rodger Smith, am I right."  A male steward asked me.  "Yes , I am." I replied holding up my

ticket.  "Good, now if you want anything just hit that button on the side of your chair and I will come and sort you out." 

Billy said. I read his name tag on his uniform and he was really nice to me.  It took about 4 hours to fly to Orlando and it was a direct 

flight there so no need to transfer from one plane to another.   "Son, we are about to land soon  so wait for me to hand you over to a

dispatch person who will help you find your uncle."  Billy told me as he grabbed my tray and stowed it into the trolley he was pushing.




The plane landed on time and when it was time to leave Billy handed me over to a lady dressed in her Delta airways uniform and 

told her to take me to the arrivals hall to meet up with my uncle.  "Rodger, over here." Uncle Ted yelled out.  'Is this your uncle.

The lady asked me.  "It is, thanks for bring me to the arrivals hall."  I said thanking the attendant for helping me. 

'Rodger, its good to see you again, I'm so sorry for your loss son but you are now with family and we are going to look after

you."  My uncle said while giving me a hug.  




It was good to feel someone hugging me because my parents were great at giving me hugs and it felt really nice to have someone

wrap their arms around you.  "Do you have any luggage." Uncle asked me when he stopped hugging me.  "Yes sir, I have a 

brown suitcase with my name on it and it has a yellow x on the front and back of the case so it would stand out." I told my

uncle.   "Cool, your scouting skills are still working for you." Uncle grinned seeing my skills to make my suitcase stand out.



We took off to the carpark and in minutes we drove down highway 22 to the south of Orlando just passed all the theme parks. 

Their house was three story and had white brick walls.  It was once owned by one of the owners of a local attraction and the 

man was loaded and had built a huge house to live in but now my uncle owned it by his wife's side of the family.

"Your cousins are going nuts to see you Rodger, I bet you will have loads of fun with them both." Uncle Ted grinned as he drove

closer to their house.  "I sure hope so uncle Ted, its been a while since I last saw them as you were always living in one

country and then going to another country so it was hard to see you all."  I replied. 




"Yes, army life can do that for you son, I was always uprooting the family from one base to another but now that has all stopped

since your parents died and i am now out of the army and will be a manager of a computer store in Orlando." My uncle grinned.

"Oh wow, I hope it was not my fault you had to leave the army." I asked my uncle.  " No, not your fault son, it was just time for me

to leave and return to Orlando and give my family a proper family life staying in one spot." Uncle smiled.  We arrived at the house

seeing the boys waving toward me with a banner with my name on it hanging on the front wall. 




Welcome home son, your new family awaits you." Uncle Ted said seeing me crying with tears running down my face.   He grabbed my

suitcase and told me to enter the house.  "Rodger, oh Rodger, it's good to see you again."  My cousin Jackson grinned as he took off

towards me.  His brother Willard was behind him jumping up and down as they ran towards me.  "Ok boys calm down, Rodger 

needs to rest up some."  Their dad grinned seeing how they were hugging and kissing me.  I had never had another boy 

kiss me on the lips and soon  I would find out how I liked boys kissing me and me kissing boys.




The house was cool with the air con blowing cool air around the house since it was quite hot outside. The sweat was dripping

down my back and felt a chill when I entered the den. "Hi Rodger, come and give me a hug."My aunt said to me. "Hi aunt Mary,

its nice to see you again."  I said and then broke down sobbing as I saw a photo of my parents on the wall with me included. 

"Its ok son, I know you miss your parents but your uncle and I plus the boys will look after you." My aunt Mary said holding onto me.




I felt sad but happy at the same time having my aunt hugging me and telling me she loved me like another son.   I sat down and

told them all about the funeral and what happened there.  My aunt said she tried to get to the funeral but the army could not let

them leave as it was hard for them to get some leave for some reason.  I told them it was ok and I was not upset that they could not

be there for me.  Willard came over with a cool glass of coke for me and I thanked him for my drink.  "Now look here you boys,

go and sort out Rodger in the spare room and help him get unpacked and settled in."  Aunt Mary told her sons. 




"This is your room Rodger, the bathroom is over there near my bedroom." Jackson said pointing to the white door.  "Thanks

Jackson."I  said grabbing my suitcase and heading to my new bedroom.   My cousins helped me unpack and in minutes I had

put all of my clothes away.  "Holy cow, look at all the merit badges he's got." Willard gasped seeing my merit badges for

the past year I passed.  "Are you going to come to our scout troop Rodger." Cousin Jackson asked me.  "If I can attend, I would love 

that." I grinned putting my uniform into the dresser. 




"No problem Rodger, dad will sort it out in a few days."  Jackson remarked.  I didn't know then but i was going to meet a boy

who would make my heart beat with love but for now I will tell you more later on about that special friend I would meet there.

I didn't feel like I was a gay boy, I had never really had that feeling for another boy.  Yes I had seen boys naked with their

boys bits on show for me, but it never got me hard seeing another boys junk until I met that boy in the troop.  You will find out

more about him very soon.




"Want to go for a swim, we have a pool out the back." Jackson asked me.. Sure, love to." I replied grabbing my speedos.  Yes I

always wore speedos as they fit me nicely and show off my bubble butt.  "You wear those things." Willard gasped seeing my red

speedos with a horse logo on the left side of my speedos.  "Yup, always wore speeods." I responded.  "Coo, but we wear board

shorts around here." Willard grinned as he watched me undress showing off my junk to my two cousins. 




"He's just like us Willard, he has a cut pecker and has some soft hairs around his dick." Jackson giggled seeing me now in the nude.

"Gee, get a camera for some snaps." I remarked while I pulled my red Speeods up covering my meager boy bits. 

"It's Ok Rodger; you can see us in the nude next."  Willard  chuckled.  I did, and what I saw was nothing new.  Both boys were

circumcised like me with a bullet shaped glans and a tight circumcision.  Their boy bags were hanging down a little and Jackson

had a few blonde pubes above his shaft.  Jackson and Willard were both blonde in the hair and had blue eyes.  Jackson was 5 ft 2

inches tall with a buzz haircut.  His brother was 4 ft 10 inches tall with shaggy hair. 




I noticed that both my cousins had a total all over tan.  No white butts for these boys as I found out later on they were nudists and

that is why they both have brown butts unlike mine where the tan line can be seen when I removed my boxers.  'we can see that 

your butt was white when you stripped off and you were checking out our brown butts." Willard grinned holding onto his 3 inch

soft boy bauble while I waited for him to change into his swim suit. 




Jackson was also changing into his swim suit so he could show off his boy bits in front of me.  Both my cousins were not scared

about showing off their goods to me and I was not that bothered about seeing what they had there. Well, I was not thinking I

would like to grab their boy goods as it didn't affect me that way but that would change later on.  'Right then, grab a towel 

and lets go swimming."  Jackson announced.



The pool was huge.  Yes the last owner of the house had placed a huge pool that would make any kid happy to use. It had a

slide and had water running down the slide so that you could slip down it into the pool.  "Wanna  play some games."Willard asked me.

"Sure, what games do you play."  I asked him.  "We have some goggles and you have to find these red tiles and see who

can find the most tiles in the pool."  Willard explained.  




"Got it, so where do we put them when we find the tiles."I .stated.  "In these blue plastic boxes." Jackson replied holding up the

containers we would use to keep the tiles in. It was hard to stay under the water for a long time but  my cousins could hold their

breath better then me.  Maybe it was all the clean  air in Orlando as the air in L.A was so smoggy.   So we played different

games for a while enjoying our time in the pool until my aunt called to us saying she had some snacks and drinks for us

to enjoy.  'Thanks Aunt Mary."  I said giving her a hug.  "Your welcome young man."My aunt grinned. 




"You are going to give our mom a big head if you keep that up."Willard announced. "I've always give people hugs that I like.

I told my cousins.   "Ok, lets eat.' Jackson remarked digging into his sandwich.  Chips were handed out and boy were they

tasty, Cheese and chives flavored.  Cokes were sipped with big chunks of ice in the glasses.  The clinking noises of ice could be heard 

when we sipped our drinks. "Its a lot hotter over here than it is in L.A so you better put some sun block on Rodger." 

My uncle told me while he sat at the table to eat his lunch.  Willard grabbed the tube of sun block from the outdoor fridge  and asked if he could slap some cream on my back. 




"Go for it Willard."I grinned and quickly flinched feeling the cold cream being smothered on my hot skin.  "It's cold." I moaned.

"It's  always cold as mom keeps  it in the fridge."Willard giggled slopping more cream onto my back.  "Why does she keep the 

sun block in the fridge." I questioned Willard. "Don't know why, I think it has to do with it lasting longer in the fridge." Willard

replied.  "Its a way to keep the cream form going all soft in the heat." Uncle Ted said.  "Well, next time tell me, I almost jumped

out of my skin." I exclaimed.  




So after a break we took off to the pool for another few hours before we had to dress for dinner. Tonight we are heading to

a Chinese eatery place that the boys liked to go to and it was the best Chinese eatery in town.  I pigged out

never eating Chinese food  until now since my parents were not into eating that type of food only eating Italian or french food

when dining out. "It looks like Rodger is enjoying his dinner."  Uncle Ted emphasized seeing me gobbling down sweet and sour

pork.  " Its ok son, it sure looks like you are enjoying your dinner." Aunt Mary grinned. "I'm sorry; but I have never eaten 

Chinese food like this before since mom and dad never allowed me to eat it." I quoted,.  



"Dam, that would sure suck."  Willard giggled seeing mom giving him dagger looks,  "Well he has to try some beef and black

bean sauce before we leave."Uncle Ted informed me.  Just then a waiter arrived with a plate of what uncle had ordered and

placed a bowel with this awesome smelling food in front of me and told me to dig in.   "How does it taste Rodger." 

Jackson asked me seeing my eyes bulge when I placed the fork full of beef into my mouth. 




"It's good, I mean it's awesome."  I replied chewing the beef to get all of the great tasting treat down my throat.  "Well you now

know how we enjoy Chinese food so you better get used to eating here as this is our special for all of you."  My aunt grinned

grabbing the check and heading to the counter to pay the bill.  Uncle placed a $10 tip on the table and thanked the staff for

a great meal. We returned home with full tummies and relaxed in the den for a while before it was time for bed. 





"Good night everyone." I yawned and hugged my aunt and uncle  thanking them for dinner and for taking me in and headed to my room.  

I always wore boxers to bed not liking to be fully naked in bed.  My boy bits needed some room to chill out and briefs was not

something I liked to wear.    So a week had passed by and I was ready to attend my first scout meeting in Orlando. 

This is where I was going to meet a boy who would forever change my life. 




End of chapter 1.  



So this is my first attempt at writing this level required and would like someone to edit or help out with grammar and how to beef it up.

I need to see how this story will be seen by others. but like I said please don't use words that I won't understand. tell me how to change or

touse better use of words without going overboard.  

If this story is accepted then I need to know how to post it to the person in charge.




Boys in the hood.  




































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Boys in the Hood,


I am very happy to see you  have given up. This sections is a little easier to read.

I am going to give you some advice and I want you  to understand it is just that advice you can take it or leave it. 


First and this is strange coming from me because I like very fast paced, fast moving stories, slow the story down a little. Provide more details and emotion, Each of your paragraphs above could be a completely separate scene. You have a strong starting point and strong stopping point now try to get more out of the middle, tell us rogers story. Make us feel the anxiety, sadness and desperation Roger feels. Simple scenes like almost missing a flight at the airport because he couldn't find the right gate create a human nature to the story, how many times has that happened to a lot of us, or lost luggage or something similar. Tell us what Roger experiences  in his journey to his family in Orlando, once he gets there tell us about the difference he notices between Orlando and LA. Use every thing around him. Is it day or night, raining or sunny, did he get soaked going to the car. Those are the little details that makes us connect to a character as we realize its happened to us and we know what he is feeling.


Good Luck

Ken Barber

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Max, first off, I've read much of your stuff on Nifty.  You have a great imagination and a sharp way of presenting your characters.  Very Nice.


Second, stick to your guns, man.  You may get all kinds of great advice on structure and style and all that, but do what you've always done: keep your characters real and true to themselves.  As stories grow, complexities about indiviual folks you write about will come about naturally.  This is something you've always done.  It is a strength that many writers sometimes forget and many readers only realize once they get wrist deep in the story.  I understand you have difficulties with some things, but your story telling ability is there and it's good.


Don't give up, Max.  You have talent and you're showing us all what you have.  Let it flow.


Good Luck with the story, many of us will be watching to see how it goes.

Seeya on the other side,


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  • 1 year later...

I have to side with D'Artagnon on this. 

I looked at your paragraphing and the new line for every sentence and I saw your voice.  Its familiar and conversational.  It is undeveloped to be sure but it is there which is more than most people will ever have.   Your voice is how you talk through your writing.. It's like music.  And like music, there is no right way or wrong way, it either works or it doesn't. 

A musician must play every day. A writer must write every day. If you have a personal and special story inside, write it over and over each time a little differently or from different character's points of view. re-work it, re-invent it each time.

I think you are doing fine.  

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