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In the Living Years By Mike and the Mechanics

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This song makes me cry every time I hear it.  A long story made short my niece was born a year almost to the day that my mother died.  Out of my 4 nieces my niece Heather takes after my sister's side of the family.  As a side note we lost my father a long time before my mom died too.  She died in 1985 and dad died in 1967.  I can still remember the day I had called my sister from Germany (I was stationed there at the time) and I told my sister that she was expecting when she asked me guess what.  I have always liked this song since first hearing it in the late 80s.  Thanks Roland for posting this song which happens to be one of my liked song on You Tube!!!

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I agree with both of you.  My father passed away in 2010, exactly a month before the 42 anniversary of his marriage with my mom.  His birthday is two days before mine, meaning yesterday October 29th.  I occasionally catch myself singling along to this one, barely holding it in.  If it comes up in rotation on my music players, I often simply reach for the skip button. 


I remember hearing it on the way to the hospital that day, when my father died.  We all stood around the bed, his friends, our family, the priest from his church.  Part of me kept hearing parts of this song as we stayed around, waiting for the machines to tell us what we already knew.  He was one of the greatest men i'd ever met in my travels, and he'd been there all along.  He had given my boyfriend his blessing.  He'd taught me all the things I'd need in my life to be a good man, and lived up to that example daily.  It took me a long time to understand him, but when I hear this song, so much of what I still have to learn from him comes staring me in the face.


Love ya, Dad.

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