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Kombat Kids

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Wow after seeing this story name and the link I went and checked it out. I'm on chapter 12 of the midly short chapters only a few hours later, so needless to say I certainly enjoy it. I was sad to hear that it is not finished nor is it likely to be completed. however it is still worth checking out. Thank you guys for sharing!

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I also loved reading that story, and it is finished, on the end of chapter 52 you can read and i quote:
" End of Chapter, End of Kombat Kids
Coming Soon to Nifty and Ghost Ryder's Stories; "Attack and Response," A
Collaboration . . . . And, "Jap and Jacky Go To College." "
GhostRyder15 star a new story called "Attack and Response" whit Jamie Haze but that story stop around 2012 on the 7 chapter.
I did find GhostRyder15 on the gay authors website but last login was on: Last Active Sep 13 2012 04:38 PM.
He is 68 years old so i do not know if he is still alive or not.
You could try asking Jamie Haze, he have some stories on wolfwalkers site and still updates them.
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