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Submission Guidelines and How to Submit

Emperor Roland

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Thank you for considering Castle Roland to Host your story. We represent a fantastic group of authors of varying genres and styles. We are interested in increasing our library of Resident Authors and stories, however, before submitting your story for consideration, please keep in mind the following guidelines.
1- Castle Roland is proud to be an all inclusive site however subject matter that is very objectionable is screened very carefully. 
     a- We do not host pure sex stories
          i- Sex stories feature no discernible plot.
          ii- Sex stories use overly graphic descriptions of sex to accomplish a titillating result.
     b- We do not host Fetish stories
     c- We do not host Adult/Youth stories
          i- Adult/Youth relationships that are not intimate in nature are acceptable
          ii- Adult/Youth Sex is strictly forbidden.
               1- If a Story’s overall plot is strong enough a Site Administrator may overrule this section.
     d- We do not host Rape stories that glorify the rapist or blame the victim.
     e- We do not host Animal Abuse stories that glorify the abuse.
2- While most of the stories at Castle Roland are gay themed, this does not mean that we only accept gay themed stories. We are more interested in the quality of the story.
3- Quality of writing is paramount to all guidelines.
     a- This is separate from editing.
     b- Quality of writing is determined by:
          i- Sentence structure.
          ii- Descriptive text. (Can we see what the Author sees in his mind without it being cluttered.
          iii- Natural dialogue. Speech and written word are very different.
          iv- Character development. Can we connect with and understand the characters’ motivations and feelings. 
4- Multi-part Stories must have a minimum of 5 chapters completed. 
5- There are two ways to submit a story for review.
          i- Place the story name and the phrase “for review” in the subject line.  IE. “One More Time” for Review.
          ii- You will not receive an acknowledgment until after the review process.
          iii- Acceptable file types are .docx  .doc and .odt.  (If you do not have these available we will accept .rtf).
          iv- Submission reviews can take up to 30 days for the whole process and for a long chapter that time frame may need to be extended.
          v- Email submissions are expected to be polished and edited final documents
          i- Stories submitted on the Forum are available for all forum members to review and comment. 
          ii- The Feedback on the forum helps the review panel make a determination.
          iii- Unpolished, unedited drafts are acceptable on the forum. However if the story is accepted for posting it will have to be edited. We can help you find an editor if needed.
6- Forum Posting Guideline
     a- Paste your story content directly into the body of the post for easy reading and access, not as an attachment.
     b- Paragraphs should be separated by a blank line.
     c- Create one thread per story.
          i- Title the thread with the story title and author -- “One More Time” by John Smith.
          ii- There is a 20,000 word limit to posts.  Keep this in mind as you post, breaking up longer chapters as necessary to fit. 
     d- While unpolished, unedited drafts are acceptable, remember that if your story is too poorly edited, no one will be able to read it to help you.  
          i- Remember to use periods to break sentences. 
          ii- Surround dialogue with quotation marks.
          iii- Use paragraphs to break up content.
          iv- Review your story carefully to try to pick up some spelling and grammar errors.
7- We thank you again for considering Castle Roland to host your work and be assured we will treat your work with the utmost dignity and respect. All Resident Authors retain ownership and copyright of their original works.
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