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Hi all I am sort of new here.  I ventured here looking for Hunter's stories and of course found them.  He had been posting them at another site and there were no new ones being posted so I looked and found CastleRoland.  I also am a fan of Joe the Writer Man having read Life on the Farm.  Thanks for letting me become a member!!!!!


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Welcome doubledbbw, I'm glad you managed to find me. I had some issues with nifty and I was simply going to stop writing, but Roland contacted me and asked for me to post elsewhere and hooked me up at Saberpeak but it had some problems with some shifting around and Roland had so many sites he was overseeing so he simply rolled Saberpeak along with others into one site here. Roland and all his staff of helpers have done a really great here with castleroland making it very author and reader friendly. They also have higher standards so readers get a better quality story.

I'm sorry you had to search for me, but if you email me I'll put you on my "BCC" group list and will keep you updated on new stories and chapters. Any reader who emails me will always get a response back from me. Currently I have about 250 readers who I email consistent updates on my stories. Some email me on a regular basis regarding one of my stories or chapters, and some I here from intermittently, but I've discovered that I really have a great readership who follow my stories. It is why I write them. Of course I do enjoy writing, but it is simply a little hobbie for me and takes up a lot of time to get them out. The only compensation I receive is how my stories connect with my readers.

Coming here to castleroland has been the right choice in my opinion because it provides a great place for my readers to become more involved if they choose. The forum's section provides not only a place for readers but also authors to utilize additional tools to help improve their stories. There's no pressure on this site and it is fairly laid back allowing the reader additional opportunities to interact if they so choose.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site.

As a side note if you want to keep track of who is making comments on your thread you can click the "Follow this topic" button up top on the right hand side. Emails will be sent to you when someone makes a comment. You can do this for any thread you want to follow weather it is one of the stories or one of the political topics, or whatever else you choose. Explore around and see what other little features there are you can utilize. You can even send friend requests under the member's section where everyone is listed. In that section you can also PM or email. There are a lot of different options to be had. You can even click the like button when someone makes a comment that you enjoy. Like I said check things out and play with some of the features.

Again, pop me off an email and I'll place you on my "BCC" group emailing list.

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Welcome doubledbbw, I hope you enjoy the site and give some of us other poor little authors a chance.  :P. I also love Hunter and Joe Writerman's work and am very glad they have shared their amazing talents with us


Ken B


Hey Ken, no such thing a little poor authors on this site, lol.  There's so much talent here it simply amazes me.  So don't short change yourself, lol.

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Thanks Hunter, 

Was trying to play the sympathy card to get him to read my stories but thanks for blowing up my spot.   :P


Hah, like you need any sympathy :rolleyes: .  I'm sure he will take a look and read your stories :P .  There's a lot of good writing on this site in a variety of genres so a good example for him to take a look at to give him a good idea of what to expect.

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