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Well I'm an author here on Castle Roland and I have to say I'm glad to be here.  I'm a relatively new author in the grand scheme of things, and I began writing on nifty when I started to complain about some of the wham bam thank you sam type of stories there.  Of course there were good stories on there as well, but I found myself grumbling about the really low quality of writing that can be found relatively rampant on that site.  Don't get me wrong I think nifty is a good enough place for writers and readers, but there are a lot of stories on it not worth the time or effort.  I found myself grumbling about it, but then had to pull back the reigns because in my opinion I didn't have a right to complain because others had at least put the time and effort into writing a story.  I've never done that before, so I had no right to complain.  This prompted me to give it a try, thus Stormy Weather was born.  At first I wrote the story just to see if I could actually write a decent story and I wasn't even going to post it, then for some reason I figured it was written so what the heck.  I submitted it to nifty and was surprised to find out that there were a lot of people out there who felt the same way I did about the majority of stories being posted on the site.  There were some very nice gems on there, but you really had to look for them to root them out.


The people who emailed me begged for more so I figured what the heck and gave it another try figuring my first story was a fluke, thus Sweet Cheeks was born and my readers were now hooked.  At around that time Roland contacted me asking to join one of his sites, but truthfully I was all new to the writing game and I just wasn't ready so I sort of held off.  After four stories with nifty I began to have problems with the archivist and since this was a hobby for me I simply was going to stop submitting stories because I didn't need those kinds of hastles or headaches.  Roland once more contacted me and asked me to continue to write and that he would get my stories on Saberpeak.  Well I began submitting my stories there right about the time the stuff happened with Saberpeak, lol.  Anyway, I stuck with it and transferred over here and I'm happy to be here.  This is a great place for authors and readers alike.  The quality of authors that Roland has pulled together is fantastic.  All the stories on this site are first rate, and there is a bit of everything here to satiate all readers' preferences.


I have to commend Roland and all the people working on this site who make it what it is...a fantastic place for everyone.  It is through your hard work where ideas come to life.

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Hello Tigs49,


I'm glad you have found other authors on here.  This is a fantastic site with a lot of good authors which covers a wide range of genres.  There's something for everyone here which makes it a great place to visit and have fun.  They offer a wide range of opportunities here for our readers to interact on in whatever they feel comfortable with.  Some readers are only here to interact with authors and to read stories while others are here to interact on any number of areas.  Whatever your interests and comfort level you will find a safe place here to do what suits your needs.  Take your time and look around.  I'm sure you will find it a fun and fantastic place no matter how much or little you wish to participate.  Whatever the case you will find what suits your needs the most right here on Castleroland.  I'm glad you found your way on to the site.


Another great place to visit here on the forums page is directly in the author's comments section where you can talk about specific stories.  All of my stories are listed in my story discussion page so feel free to comment on your favorite story or chat in general what you like or dislike about one of my stories or another.  Many readers have made comments and interacted; especially, with my latest story RAUF.  Have fun with the site.

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