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Finished reading it very early this morning before work. Glad to see Norris, Adam AND Bucky still alive. Of course I knew Adam was alive from reading Roland's story. Very nice calm ending.


At first I thought that's not the way it should end but then I put more actual thought into it and changed my mind. The Declaration of War and setting the pieces up was perfect since the actual fighting will be in the following two stories. Which BTW I am ready for. Where are they? Come on don't make us wait. LOL

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The four part Mini Series "Operation Black Pearl" Is scheduled in September. There are a couple of other stories that have to catch up to that timeline before we can post it. Its a fun one....okay dont know if fun is the right word. But its interesting.

And here is a little tribute to Lance Corporal Dawson, Norris's Driver.



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I just completed Dawn's Early Light -- what a story!  For the record, that includes the in-between story after chapter 10, JFA.  Even though I'm former military (Navy sub service), I seldom read military fiction.  To be honest, if this story hadn't been part of the RU, I probably would not have stayed with it -- "not my genre".  That said, I'm very glad I did, and I look forward to reading Ken's follow-up works.


There may be a couple of inconsistencies, one at the story close.  Why are two gay members of the crew hiding their relationship?  Mike, the vice president, was sworn in with his life-partner Eric conspicuously present.  In other stories we've read about President Bryce's pride in his country's evolution in dealing with gay issues.  The one (unstated) story path that might fit is that the potential problem is not the gay relationship itself, but of fraternization in general, gay or straight.


That said, the Navy can tend to be stubborn and slow in adapting to modern social standards.  For example, the Navy remained officially racist until the mid-1960s. Black sailors had been restricted to about 20 of maybe 80 ratings (job classifications).  It was mostly the less technical ratings, such as Steward, Mess Management Specialist (cook), Boatswain's Mate, etc.  Then, even after the official ban was lifted, a strong culture of unofficial racism continued in many commands.  Just because a black guy was "eligible" to become an Electronics Technician didn't mean he would actually be allowed that opportunity.  I give Admiral Zumwalt great credit, though.  He become CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) in 1970, and instituted a number of policies aimed at shaking up the system ("chief boat rocker").  For example, one of his famous "Z-grams" (direct orders from admiral to the fleet) allowed the chain of command to be bypassed.  One could, if they felt it necessary, take an issue directly to the captain, for example the racist and discriminatory actions of a division chief and/or division officer.


Of course, Admiral Zumwalt became despised by the old boy network, and to this day I hear Navy vets talking down about him.  But when something is badly bent out of shape, you can't just straighten it.  You need to bend it noticeably in the other direction so in the end it can actually align like it is supposed to be.


... but I digress  :huh:


The other possible inconsistency involves Eric Aune's character, Ian.  It is not explained why he is not available to heal folks after the IED explosion.  That might be explained when I get back to finish Changing Connections, though.

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Note: as of the morning of 22 August, Dawn's Early Light is still flagged as [in Progress].  It appears to be complete as of chapter 15.  I'm guessing that wasn't the original plan, but Ken has made it clear that the story will continue in another book.


From bottom of page:


Author's Note: This is the end of "Dawn's Early Light". The story and characters will continue in the special 4 chapter "Black Pearl". The Story has moved from the beginning of the 2nd United States Civil War to the actual fighting of the Civil War. This will be presented in "Broad Stripes and Bright Stars" after "Black Pearl"- I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

The [in Progress] flag shows on each chapter as well as the RU index itself.  You guys seem pretty sophisticated, so hopefully it will be easy for you to make one or two global changes that will fix it everywhere.

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Wyatt, first thank you for your service to our country.

Second if I remember right it does tell somewhere (don't remember which story) that Ian had exhausted himself healing people and had not been released yet by Janet, the UNIT's mom and head doctor.

Ken or one of the other RU authors or editors might give you a more definitive answer.

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Responding in reverse. Wyatt, I will let the web team know about the in progress tab. They may be waiting until the completion of Black Pearl to change that.

About Ian. We are trying to show the difficulties of the different groups being "thrown" together. Admiral Norris and crew were closest to, escorted by, and in contact with the Navy forces so Navy protocol went into effect. The Navy characters would normally rely on their SOP. They would not think to ask the unit for help at first.

The relationship issue is a difficult one to explain. Ashwood had really turned the clocks back on same sex acceptance most specifically in the military. So while the Ronald Reagan group may be more excepting some folks are still very nervous. The officers and crew are slowly coming to realize that it's ok to be open but just like today there will always be some that are nervous about it.

I hope that answers your questions and I am extremely happy you enjoyed the story.

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Wyatt, once in a while I actually screw up! (unbelievable... I know) This was one of those times. It was my responsibility to change that "In Progress" marker to "Completed". I forgot.


It was corrected this early morning (07:38 mdt according to the time stamp on the file), although you won't see the correction until the update goes live on Monday.

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