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Timeline of stories


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I do not know the answer exactly but the order is possible to find to when they were posted you get a date at the start of every chapters.  So unless the stories were not posted in order this should give you a good idea of the orders checking when the first chapter of each story was posted.


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The order of the stories goes as this, and follows the course of the summer at the end of one school year into the early fall of the very next school year.

Coupe and Last Place take place roughly at the same time.
5th Age occurs next, but takes a much longer period of time to resolve, and when completed will tie in with Riposte.
Wearing the Inside Out also ties in to characters from Coupe
Riposte - Changelings and Riposte - Werewolves is an experimental concept that ties two big stories, joining characters from Coupe, Last Place and Wearing the Inside Out under one group.
I keep trying to get things done, and keep feeling that there is a story or brief series of vignettes which should fill this space, as a check on the established characters and an introduction to characters yet to be seen.  Its still and idea i am trying to pound out.
Bolt from the Blue happens roughly about the mid point in the Riposte story line, but jumps ahead to the start of the school year.
Educating Max takes place at the end of October.
The Diary of Alex the Great and The Lost Boys happen at roughly the same time, about a week after Educating  Max

after I finish 5th Age and Riposte, there will be a series of stories combining all the characters at three distinct areas, running mostly at the same time
Tales of the Canterbury Knights - follows the boys as they learn about each other and realize they are in a lot more danger than they could have imagined.
Secret Lives of Parents - explores the events that led to the boys being who they are and to what they are doing to help.  Dark secrets with long shadows here.
Deeper Darker Places - gives the various villains their own voice, showing exactly what our boys are up against.

i know it's been a while since i posted any chapters. It's been a rough couple of years.  There is a possible Halloween story that has been trying to work it's way from between my ears.  We will see how it goes.

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