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Disappearance of Star Trek Excalibur

Zach Caldwell

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Hello, many may have noticed that my story Star Trek Excalibur has been removed from Castle Roland. This has been at the request of myself and at the advisement of my staff. I am not in a position to explain why it was necessary to remove the story. But I wanted to give you some heads up so that anger or what not isn't directed at the Castle Roland staff. The removal is at my request. Will it return? That depends on how things develops going forward.

Life can get in the way at times. The story, book two especially, crawled to a stall when my Mom passed away and that basically wiped any drive to write. About when i was ready to pick it up again, other developments occurred that necessitated  the removal of the story from Castle Roland. I loved the story and the characters and very much had a plan for them. I hope to bring it back, but if not, maybe I can bring the characters back via a new story. Only time will tell.

At least this way you the reader's aren't left hanging more than you already were. I want to thank those who have reached out to me about STE, your comments and perspectives and love of the story and characters touched me and I very much appreciated the support and feedback. May you all Live Long and Prosper.

Zach Caldwell 

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Zack, I for one am saddened to hear about the removal of STE. I do hope you can continue this story, if not bring it back in some form. I have followed your story's with interest as you are one of my favorite authors.

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