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As a newbie, member and author, I don't know if this is where to ask a question, get a reply. I joined on 11 November, that's me showing as the newest member. My reason for joining was to post the first three chapters of my novella, which I did, and as it says in the submissions thread, "Stories posted will be moderated for compliance with posting guidelines." I think it also says that if you submit a story it can take a month before you get a reply. My question is, does it also take a month to get your story approved by the moderator and for it to appear in the forum?

On another point, there is no log in security, when you log in it is with an unsecured link, I get a warning telling me my information, user name and password are not secure and are open to the public. This presumably is because that particular connection is not https. 

Perhaps I should have come here earlier to introduce myself, I was waiting for a reply or moderation approval on the thread. Anyhow, here I am, James Keogh, a new author with a historical romance, looking for places to publish online and build a readership. It is difficult to find any such places and the gay themed sites like this one seem mostly very quiet. I have not found (yet) any site that promotes literary fiction, and only one where I found activity. I can see there are a few people here, so maybe someone will reply. It would be nice to know I didn't submit a story into the void!

Thanks if you read this and reply, I will know someone's home.


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