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How we are surviving the Great 2020 Pandemic

Emperor Roland

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I'm happy to say that everyone in St. Pete is being cooperative and wearing masks in the stores. I haven't heard of anyone resisting the covid guidelines in quite a while. My neighbors in the apartment complex still socialize, but we do it outside and maintain at least a ten foot distance, although we are generally low risk anyway. One good thing that has come from the quarantine is that my grocery store allows me to shop online and they gather my orders and bring them out to me and load them in my trunk. I get to avoid the other shoppers and the cash register lines. 

My friends and I get together often and they have turned their back yard into a tropical paradise, with a paved seating area, fire pit, and tons of lush tropical  plants. The weather is now becoming cooler and we can sit out there comfortably for meals and cocktails. We still go to the beach regularly and even there the crowds are rather sparse and everyone maintains their distance.

I am coping well enough because I have a nice collection of books and I am rereading my favorites. Thank goodness for the internet and Castle Roland stories.

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Surviving is the word, but it's been the most boring year of my life.  We're okay here, but haven't seen friends in forever, and with my lack of a voice there's not even the phone for more than a quick hello.  Friends with other places to live are mostly at those places, but may show up here if their away place is a summer home.  We busted out in October to go to Vermont, and saw my older son and my father on the way.  It was tricky at state borders with all their different rules, but nobody forced us to quarantine anywhere, we just had to promise not to stay more than a night.  Vermont is a very conscientious state; people wore masks everywhere, indoors and out, and every place was very careful about maintaining distances.  The majority of restaurants were closed, so we had to keep a cooler full of food in the trunk, but picnics were fun, and the dog liked the leftovers.

We had a lot of travel plans this year, and should right now be enjoying our second month in Mexico, but we had to cancel everything.  Actually, this was our first Thanksgiving in this country in decades, and our turkey for two turned out to be a 25 pounder, so we're good for another 30 years or so of skipping that particular holiday.  Just the two of us here now and we've foregone the Christmas tree, but have some lights up outside and decorated the mantel in the kitchen.

The virus was bad here early in the year, and we lost several friends.  It has been better since summer, and people are being very cautious. 

Well there's vaccine now, so soon enough we should gaining immunity, and I hope it lasts.

Happy holidays,


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