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Unfinished stories


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Hello all, I have learned to never start reading a story unless it marked complete. After being disappointed far too many times by authors who abandon stories only to start new ones or to publish on amazon. I always write to authors to thank them for taking the time to write them but rarely get a reply.  So instead of bitching about incomplete works or years without updates I'll only read completed stories. Mick

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I understand your point of view, but would like to know if you read books as they are serialised, one or two chapters per week (knowing they are complete, but being serialised)? Or, is it your preference to have the whole story online before reading?

Also, what about the format, reading online. Do you save pages (chapters) to read offline? What format do you prefer, the webpages or ebooks, including Kindle, epub, PDF?

Do you read on a PC, tablet, phone, and what is your experience of reading stories from this site? 

Lot of questions, I know, but as an author I would like to know, not only your opinion/experience, but everyone's.

Personally, I think unless a site is like Gay Authors, where writers publish as they write, get comments and likes, etc. and it is very much work in progress (even if they post completed stories), it is essentially aimed at work being written. Whereas here, the site is aimed at publishing complete works, so I'm not sure the serialisation format really works very well.

I created my own (free) site, because I couldn't find anyone to host free ebooks or even publish books in one go. I don't have the money to pay for a site, so my site is not as good as this one, but it does publish free ebooks. I'm not really self-promoting, there is no gain to me, but take a look, it might be the way to go for the future.  https://the-gay-fiction-library.site123.me (click the button if it doesn't show).

Funny coincidence, but I was discussing this today, before reading your post. Maybe some more members might input their ideas, thoughts?


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