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Current Best Sellers - 29 October 2020

Talo Segura

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The most read current stories: leading the field by miles, Three Finger Cove, Book 6, Billy, by Snowbound.

At number two with just over half the number of readers as the top story, Riding the Horses of Sadness, by Gary Condor.

Stepping down a bit, Devyn's Struggle by Keith Yates, and another step down, Living with Johnny by Nigel Gordon.

In the second tier we have A Good Year at Linwood High by David Lee, and close behind, Hustle by Talo Segura.

Also doing nicely and very close together are: Discovering Love by Rick Beck, Outside the Foul Lines by Rick Beck, and Tales of the Road - Part One, Rules of the Road, by Geron Kees.

Rankings based on page views showing around 3500 people reading current serialised stories... happy reading - how about a few online comments to let us know what you think of the books you are reading?



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I can understand about Three finger cove since the story is updated every week for a very long time people have a chance to keep coming back to it like I do every week.

But I also know that if Kyle and Arthur were not making real books now and still posting new stories or chapters on regular basis they would likely be on top.

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