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Outside the Foul lines Book 2

JP Caballero

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I haven't read book one and I know little about baseball, but neither of these two facts put me off chapter one and embarking on the story. The author makes no concessions to the reader who doesn't know American baseball and college sports as a means to getting an education, but that's okay if the story carries you with it. The thing is, I'm not sure it did, carry me with it, but we'll see what happens with the next chapter.

The graphic sex included in the opening chapter seemed totally irrelevant and pushed the story into eroticism, if descriptions such as: "The more he sucked the more his hips fed me the happy sausage I wanted to eat." can be described as erotic, rather than just plain stupid! 

It's a personal view, but sex in every chapter is tantamount to eroticism, however badly described, and is a hangover from online gay porn developing a plot and story. It's fine having a sex scene of two, but what did it serve in this opening chapter? 


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