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Living with Johnny

JP Caballero

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My thoughts after reading chapter one were; a little editing to eliminate repeated words and some bits that niggled would improve it. I'm guessing that writing it from Mike's (the father's) point of view, the story isn't too much about his son, although I can see it being set up to be focused on his gay son. So it seems an odd choice of first person narrative having his father recount the story.

You said in the intro that it got bigger (the story) than you planned. Well judging by chapter one, you waffle a bit, or a lot. Do I really care for all the details on how Mike's book is making him millions? No.

All that aside, the story concept is a good one, but I'm not sure about all the unnecessary telling of Mike's circumstances. The situation grabbed me, but not the telling of it.

What does anyone else think?


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Being North American (a French-speaking Quebecer), I like to know all these details about the English daily life that Nigel Gordon reports and I would even like there to be more.

Being literary (retired university professor in literature), I find this idea very interesting that the narrator of the first part of this story (Mike) is the father of the main character of the whole story since the story, at bottom, is that of the magic brought by the irruption of this main character (Johnny) in the lives of all the other characters. Johnny is indeed a kind of compassionate magician who, overcoming all the hardships he has undergone, transforms everything he touches into gold or silver (money : in french silver is another word for money) but also into love!

He is a kind of savior!

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I am also a French speaking Quebecer and enjoy many kind of stories.  I did enjoy this story and its follow up and many others on this website and it was interesting to find out more about England way of life just like I enjoyed in Aussie author stories finding more about Australian way of life.  We learn also the difference in the language from Canada to England to Australia.  Also differences like how hard it is to own a gun in England compared to the USA and other things like that.

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