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Devyn’s Struggle

JP Caballero

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Devyn's Struggle has a rather unique history.

Originally, it was a Nifty story. For whatever reasons, last January the Powers-That-Be over there, pulled the story. Keith started re-writing the story. I contacted him and have had 2 of our editors go over his chapters. What is now on nifty from chapters 1 through 28 have not been edited. All chapters on our site have been edited.

Having Read the original, I can speculate why the story was pulled (based on Nifty's submission criteria), but it would only be a guess.

Regardless, what Keith has done in version 2 of his story, makes it a much better story than version 1. Keith has allowed us to post a chapter with every update, up to and including chapter 15. Then we will fall back and post a chapter once a week. This way Keith has time to write more chapters.

I believe those that start reading this story will be amazed that the character, Devyn, survived his ordeal after being kicked out of his home and disowned by his parents.

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Just read chapter three and the story is building nicely with a look back into Devyn's past when he was much happier and was about to make a new friend.

This story looks like including all the familiar storylines rolled into one: new boy in the neighbourhood, self-discovery, coming to terms, coming out, rejection, a fall into Hell, abuse, and redemption. Wow!

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