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Guns, Games and Bullying


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Time to another one.
I know that this one it is a very hot topic in the United states.
So what is your opinion, on why teenagers that are bullied, thing that there only way to resolve those problems is by shooting.
And to trow that also in the mix, to you thing violent games, influence those teenagers?
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You're trying to conflate too many issues at once.  Guns, bullying, and video games are separate topics, and you can't just throw them together into a single sentence like that.  Guns are not the only solution to bullying (despite what you seem to suggest), and studies have consistently shown no connection between violent video games and teen violence.

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Yes i should have said "some teenagers think that is the only solution", not all think like that some think suicide is the solution, others regress in them self’s and becomes depress, and lose the will to live, i am not saying suicidal, but they lose that spark that all of us should have and become less than what they should be, and that it is by him self a  lost of live in some one that could bring many great thing to mankind as an all.
No i do not believe in a connection in between violent videos games an teen violence, but despite so many studies, many people still believes it.
What i was trying to do, throwing this 3 topics together, is that so many people try to link them together, and take the easy way out by saying the teen violence it is originated by them seeing and playing violent games, and the lack of gun control.
I really do not believe it, to me it is just a way to discard adult responsibility on the subject.
Some of the teen violence it is originated on the bullying, some on the lack of parental skill to raise there children.
So my goal here it is to try and find answers why people throw this 3 topic together to justify teen violence, like the school shoot outs not only in America but also in Europe.
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Anjo has raised a question that, frankly, has been raised and debate numerous times over the last decade or so, if not more.


With that said. Guns, bullying and video games could play a factor in any given situations but are not all factors in a given situation.


The argument is that violent video games will and is desensitizing our kids to the horror and consequences of violent acts. On the whole I do not believe that is the case. However, it is true that it can impact kids who already have violent tendencies or various other mental health issues. To what extent those cases are influenced by the games is unclear.


Bullying and guns, while not always the cause, have gone together. A child who is bullied and without the proper guidance and or support might find his or her way to using a gun to solve their problem, either by taking their own life, the life of their bullies or both. More often than not the person bullied is more likely to internalize his or her anguish and act out towards themselves rather than others, thus higher suicide rates among teens.


One of the things I have advocated for is pre psychology class in middle school and a more in depth psychology program in high school, with a focus on interpersonal skills and social interactions and to recognize the signs of depression and suicidal tendencies. In addition to conflict resolution skills. We are a much more socially interactive society and world than we have ever been before. So it stands to reason that we need a system by which we can better prepare our kids to live in and interact in a complex social world that we have today.

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This are some articles i found about games guns and bullying, it a very know incident in America, so that is why i make this post.
And no, and do not want to generalize it, but that is what people try to do to justify it.
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So my goal here it is to try and find answers why people throw this 3 topic together to justify teen violence, like the school shoot outs not only in America but also in Europe.


Why do people conflate the three topics unjustly?  Because it makes their lives easier.  Just throw three potentially unrelated things together, declare there's a causal link, and your mental model is nice and simple.  Something helped significantly by the fact that you can spin numbers any which way if your listener isn't careful about checking your assumptions.


Take that third article you linked to.


"In 2008 a study called Grand Theft Childhood reported that 60 per cent of schoolboys who played a game above their age limit hit someone.


This compared with 39 per cent of those who did not play such games."


The article continues on, blithely making the assumption that the cause was video games increasing violence, rather than exploring the possibility that it's the opposite, that the violet tendencies increased the odds of people playing violent video games.


In the end, we have many large scale changes going on in our society, and it's impossible to point to any one and say 'this caused such and such' -- because in the end, it's a confluence of all of them.  And that's simply far to complex a model for any human to be able to understand, much less manipulate and 'fix'.  Is it the increasing importance of electronics?  The weakening of our nuclear family structure?  The increased emphasis on white-collar instead of blue-collar employment, and the associated weakening of our labor ethic?  The increasingly lax sexual code?  The increasing prevalence of corporations as a central power in our society?  I'm sure I could go on if I had to, but our society is massively different from what it was merely ten years ago, much less twenty, thirty...  The surprise isn't that we're seeing signs of strain on our social structure; it's that it hasn't completely collapsed already!

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