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I think the numbers (page views) you put on the story chapters are great. I know, people say you write for yourself, but I don't, maybe I'm too vain, but I write for people to read it... and, yes, because I enjoy it. It can be a very isolated and lonely business without comments or feedback, those numbers are a lifeline. They tell me there are readers, even if I never hear from them or they never come on the forum. 

I can't help thinking it's a little selfish to take a book for free and read it without bothering to give a word to the author. A good story isn't written in a couple of days, it often involves a long process and other people, like editors, so you get a nicely finished book. Still, you read it, consume it, presumably enjoy it, I don't know. I'm not psychic, I hope you're out there somewhere, but only the numbers tell me that, like driving along an empty road watching the miles tick by.

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