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The Great 2020 Quarantine

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Are you enjoying your quarantine?

Are you tired of trying to fill up the many hours of the day?

This would be a great time to write a story!

This is not a Castle Roland challenge, or writing contest, this is a just a thought to throw out there for everyone.

The great 2020 Quarantine Story Archive is coming to Castle Roland, and now we need stories to go into it.

The only requirement is that it has something to do with the Corona Virus aka covid-19, and the Quarantine.

Let’s put all our spare time to use. Please send any stories you want included to the Public Relations email account at



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It is funny that you posted this because I was thinking the same think Roland this past week because I read the story that was posted Monday that was in and around the Virus.  I was login in today to suggest just this same idea you did.

Unfortunately for me it is a time I'm still working and working a lot because a lot of people left their essential service job thinking our government will pay them not to work which in our case isn't so, so we will have quite a few employees waking up to reality eventually and being forced to pay back the money they took from the government illegally.  In the meantime we are short staff and looking to hire people when millions don't have jobs anymore.

My Quarantine in the meantime is going fine since I live Alone on my days off I have to do my parents shopping mostly groceries and medication as well as my own.

At work we have no cases of the virus but it might be because we possibly had it here in middle of January many of us had a very severe cold, I even lost 20 pounds and barely eaten for 10 days but back then they didn't test for corona virus so we don't know for sure but it would explain why no one is catching it now in a city that has so many cases Montreal.

Those in vacation (polite way to say temporarily unemployed) enjoy it, do write stories because I often have time at work to read between calls.  I may even post one I started writing years ago it needs editing but I did a quick run in it last few weeks to remove most of the typos and errors.

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This is just sort of interesting to me that the word quarantine means 40 days of isolation. It's from old Venetian. 40 days was the time needed to be safe from the Black plague. There was also the word Trentine, a 30 day period of isolation, which apparently was not as effective. I heard somewhere about a word for 50 days of isolation, but I can't remember what it was.

I have been using this time to re-read the Wheel of Time, but I think I can put it down to write something.


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I have been writing on my current series while I have been at home and finally finished the next chapter (Al will be getting it soon). I think I might be able to come up with a short story for this. I had kind of an idea for one a few weeks ago before we knew this was going to be such a big, long, drawn out deal.

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