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New book coming soon

Talo Segura

Revealed a new book by Talo Segura  

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I have a new book coming out soon, currently with my editor.


If you would like to read it on here simply answer YES on the poll and as soon as it's ready I will send it to Castle Roland to serialise.

The story is suitable for all, a drama in eleven chapters, around 25k words.



There are small secrets and big ones, those revealed by chance and those revealed on purpose, in part or in whole. Then there are the secrets you keep from yourself, the ones that surprise and threaten. The ones that may change or destroy you.

Arran is studying art, he has a girlfriend and a best friend, his parents are separated, but life is fine. Until an art project pairs him with Tom. What is it that intrigues him and pushes him towards something that will change everything.

Revelations pile upon revelations until everything is revealed and the final realisation is a shock that might be difficult to admit and change irrevocably how you see the world.


Stay home, stay safe.

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