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Walking the Wild Side by Nigel Gordon

Talo Segura

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The ebook Walking the Wild Side by Nigel Gordon is now available at The Gay Fiction Library to download. Rejected by AwesomeDude due to the gay rape scene, you may not have read this story, although it was available elsewhere, published online in 2017. Included here is a review I wrote to explain my take on the story as well as to alert readers to the content. A guidance warning I repeat here, that this story may not be appropriate for readers who are sensitive to the subject matter. Read the review and decide for yourself.

Walking the Wild Side by Nigel Gordon.

This story of a naive seventeen year old living in rural England and launching into the world of online gay pick-ups is a voyage of discovery that takes a wrong turn. The result is devastatingly dramatic as it revolves around a sado-masochistic bikers club to which our protagonist falls victim. The after effects of his drugged-up rape, a harrowing scene, make any subsequent relationship almost impossible.

The author proposes a juxtaposition between a loving gay relationship, which might be seen as a duplicate of a heterosexual relationship, even to the extent of the boy, being the younger partner, taking on the female role, contrasted with the tattooed bikers clan and their leader's view of the world. A view in which the master instructs, and in which experiencing pain is a necessary prelude to sexual release. The proselyte must not wimp out if he is to be included in their brotherhood.

Two very different questions about gay sexuality are touched upon. What are the roles and is a one to one romantic relationship valued? Is the sado-masochistic world of the bikers a valid alternative lifestyle? If I were to level any criticism it would be that the author and story touch upon fundamental questions, but very superficially. Those questions become the plot of what is a well written, but largely predictable drama. In the end, good triumphs over evil, but the resolution is quite simple and straightforward, and on the journey several lives have been destroyed.


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