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Zach Caldwell

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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of Roland’s stories can now be found at Roland]

Part of the Clan Short Universe of Stories Colt is lost and alone in the world, until he is found by an unusual savior. Find out what happens when Colt finds out that yes, Vampires do exisit.


Chapters 1 - 15 posted  http://www.castleroland.net/library/author/roland

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I began reading this story a long time ago and then "lost" it. It has been so long that I must begin back at the beginning again. It is a great read and, since Vampires are some of my favorite folks, I am enjoying the read. (I like werewolves, too!)


Charles Bird


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Wow i did not see that coming.
You trow us a curved ball and we did not see it coming and it smacks us right in the head.
So many things on this chapter. Lots of things to make us think, and the new guy the Tumaini
Who is him and how his him related whit Runi.
I hope the next chapter will come some, you got us all work up about it.
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Anjo.  thank you very much!  i love when i can actually get a response form readers.


Yeah a lot happened in this chapter, and there is a lot more to come.  I have started writing book 2, chapter 1, however, i have decided to wait a bit before posting, that way when i do start posting, it will be a lot quicker then normal.  I really hope no one minds, but this way i can post a chapter a week or every two weeks, so there is some regularity between updates.  lol... now i just have to write a few chapters ahead! 

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I really enjoy this story as well.  My hope is that not too many of the family will need to meet the final darkness in the upcoming war, but I suspect many will.  Roland has shown us that a lot of the vampires have trouble with who they are, and I suspect they will almost welcome the end of this unlife if they can leave it while aiding the innocent.


I'm writing this after having read Nightfall thru chapter 16, all that is available right now.  For those who would like a little more insight into Runi, Colt, and the Harris family, Roland's novel, Camp Bam-Bam includes extra info.  See:


* http://cornercafe.us/text/roland/campbambam/campbambam116.html


If you are not knowledgeable about Clan Short Universe (CSU) stuff, you will be a little lost at first, but the chapter soon gets quite exciting.  I must say I do not even know the full context, especially why Juan (a young enhanced-Human+Klingon badass) meets them all where he does.  But you will also get to see Runi in more action, and that ain't a bad thing.  ;)  To get to the relevant section search the page for "Juan looked around".  It is about 25% into the chapter, and then read to the end.


Whether that stuff will become alternate-universe background as Roland continues with Nightfall, I don't know.  Maybe one of the reasons for its current hiatus is that Roland is deciding whether to fully integrate Nightfall within the CSU or have it fully branch off.  At any rate, I hope you all are enjoying what we do have!

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well.... you know... It's funny you should say what you have.


At first, the re-write of chapter 15, and the new chapter 16, were supposed to slowly push Nightfall in a different direction then i originally planned. 


However, after a LOT of thought on the subject, i decided that I could do a lot more with starting over.  The original story line just wouldn't work well anymore, so i decided to do a complete re-write.  meaning Nightfall: Full Moon was born.


The first several chapters are done, and are in the editing stages.  look for it to start being posted soon.


As always, if anyone wants to chat about the story, It's always welcome.

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Hmm, Nightfall: Full Moon ... hmm, ancient vampire and ancient werewolf?  (Leave Bella out of it, please!!  :o  )


Since you aren't continuing with the current Nightfall, maybe you can answer a question I had about an unresolved plot point.  Runi mentions a couple of times the ancient vampire who was brought in to turn him -- someone far older than he.  Within the CSU, I had a guess as to whom that might be.  Akeentia's story Ark includes a good-guy charactor over 60,000 years old.  I can't remember his name (or his partner's name, similarly aged), but IIRC he was the son of the first Moroi (vampire).  Would this have been the one to turn Runi?  The two (plus the Ferox) had been working in the background for all that time trying to allow humanity to enter an age of lasting peace, and establishing Runi could well have been one of their accomplishments.

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