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The Secret Door

Talo Segura

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I'm wondering if there is a secret door to be discovered? Some hidden passage that gives access to the castle. My submission of two weeks ago is still pending moderator approval, so not a lot of chance that you get to read it unless I post it here perhaps? My quest for the way in was prompted by seeing @Mark Driver managed to get an audience in the Court of Castle Roland and must have managed to speak with a noble bard as he is a new author here.

I took a look at the admin list, curious about who might be around running the show. I found only two people present, Al Norris, who I already knew was here and active, plus a JP Caballero who posts the notices of new chapters. Although, I'm not sure the latter isn't a robot? As for the rest of the administration, D'Artagnon and Emperor Roland appeared a month ago, Ken Barber two months ago, Denis P four months ago. The rest of the team seem to have faded away over time, The Castle Herald, last showed up ten months ago, AB a year ago, Mary two years ago, and Eghas four years ago.  

This may explain the thread looking for new Admin staff - I volunteer! 🙋‍♂️ Yes, you heard me right. I would be happy to review new author story submissions and approve them, starting of course, with my own.

I'm not sure how you can run a site with only one person or maybe two if you are not active here on your own forum? There is practically zero activity on forum posting and waiting two weeks soon to be three, four, five... for a story submission to be moderated you have to admit is, well, long! On the positive side, people read this, looking at the number of views, but that doesn't help too much with getting past the moderation block?

Any thoughts anyone?

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