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Is there anybody at home?

Talo Segura

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Last week I talked about support for new writers which addressed a couple of issues around site admin, what is meant by sexual content, and the submissions process. It's clear that if your story is rejected you are told why and what you might do. Perhaps the dialogue between new author and site admin could be more complete, perhaps you don't have the time to dedicate to this?

Moving on, I submitted chapter one of another new story last week. There are two ways to submit a story to this site, send it by email or post it on the forum submissions thread. I chose the latter, forum submissions thread, because there you can get feedback from members and presumably it might get picked up as a story to post, if it passes the quality measure. 

After posting to the forum submissions thread you receive a message saying something to the effect: Your submission content will be moderated before appearing. Fine, but how long does this take? When I submit a story to, for example, Gay Authors, it takes around 24 hours to approve and appear. Here, one week later, and I'm still waiting.

You can see the problem? If it takes over a week to have a submission for a piece of writing appear on the forum, then something is going wrong. You are (as a gay story site) not alone with this problem. I've submitted stories to sites who have never replied, or you could say I'm still waiting to hear back. Perhaps you neither have the time nor the people to address this issue, in which case it is not difficult to understand why there is a lack of quality writing, or any writing at all.


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