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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of Gee Whillickers stories can now be found at Gee Whillickers]

A completed story that is worth the read. http://www.castleroland.net/library/author/gee_whillickers

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Ever wish for something, with all your heart?  Ever feel that sometimes the wishes you make probably shouldn't come true?  Ever feel totally at the whim of fate?  Poor Craig sure does, and this story is one interesting, intellectual, emotional and detailed wild ride.  You must read this one.  Take a day, read it all in one sitting, Put it on the calendar, keep munchies near by and enjoy the ride.  A great read and a wonderful "what if" story for those with a sci-fi/science fact bend.


Awesome job dude!

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I absolutely loved this story! The explanation of the physics behind it was stellar. As a science teacher who was in school before all the quantum mechanics and string theory became popular, the story was interesting and enlightening at the same time. Great dialogue and characters, faced with a situation behind their years and experience and you rooted for them from the start. Very well written, fast paced and worth the time to read. Grag a bag of your favorite chips or cookies and have a blast. I did.

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Reminiscent of Philip Wylie's "The Disappearance," this story gets off to a strong start and with an original "twist." (I've only read through Chapter 5, but am looking forward to the rest.)


What a great way to get rid of an inquisitive mother.


Craig seems a little dense. I hope his new friend will be a little sharper.


Especially liked the line, "Thank god for books. The internet was long dead." 


Of course, Twinkies will likely be edible for centuries. I understand that the USA manufacturer (I can’t say “baker” with a straight face) went bankrupt and that the trademark was bought by a Canadian corporation. Let us hope, for the sake of all the survivors, that that corporation has continued production.

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Glad to see you bring in PTSD. There are a lot of civilians and low-lifes trying to use that as a defense for just about anything from beating their kids to robbing a convenience store. Like many things, PTSD has been co-opted by the hoi polloi who have only greed as their motivation. Nevertheless, PTSD is real. Let’s work to keep it out of the hands of charlatans, and let’s make sure our soldiers aren’t abandoned. It’s a tightrope.


Ch 9 was quite a rush. I looked forward to seeing how you resolve that. Nicely, it turned out.


Ch 17: Ah, ha! The twist. A good one, too.


I recalled Philip Wylie’s “The Disappearance” in my first post about this story. I was inordinately happy to see that you put a unique spin on this trope and made it your own. Thank you for a great story.

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I read this story about a week ago. It was strange that as I got to the end I had a feeling that I had read it before. But I often get those sorts of feelings in a lot of things.


The characterization of the kids was good. Especially the part where Craig wakes up back in his own bed and starts to wonder if it was all a dream.


It sort of reminded me of times when I have had a dream (even though with Craig it really wasn't a dream) and woke up only to find evidence that would suggest what I had dreamed was more than simply a dream.

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